Being able to travel New Zealand is another achievement for me in 2016. This beloved country fills my bucket-list for so long until I finally ticked it off. As a mountain-junkie I've been dreaming endlessly to present myself and now, here I am! I'll share my one month itinerary in New Zealand, both south and north island. Enjoy!

Whenever I had conversations with travelers in Australia, none of them would NOT mention about Red Center, about the experience driving in the outback. Classic story, huh? What's so cool about it? Well, it's true that the iconic face in the outback which is Uluru has been used in magazine, advertisement, calendar all over the world. People would immediately recognize this red giant stone. Again, what's so cool about it?

Choosing Sydney as my base in Australia is by far the most righteous decision that I made. Some might not  agree but I have strong argument on why Sydney is a great city to live in. Yes, Sydney is a metropolitan city. It's busy, dynamic, just like another big cities. You can find any good restaurants, Asian, Italian, French, cool cafes for brunch, nice shopping area, crazy nightlife, and many more. If CBD is too busy for you, don't worry. Sydney has many nice suburbs to live.

Have you ever felt when you're traveling and moving too much, you continually felt exhausted thus you just wanted to stay, collecting back your soul before you're ready to disembark on another journey. Frankly, that's how I feel at this moment. It's funny while some people desperately need a break from their life by having vacation, I need a break from my traveling. 

I knew that Tasmania would quench my desire after a long pause traveling-mode that I've been craving for, certainly not a disappointment. There's a sense of pureness, adventure, and laid-back feeling that lured me to love this part of Australia. The only thing that I couldn't adjust myself to was the cold, which is understandable as it's close enough to Antarctic Circle. Do you know with forty percent of the island protected in parks and reserves, Tasmania is one of the cleanest places on Earth? Here are my favorite places in Tasmania:

If you’re following my Instagram, lately, I’ve been intensively posting pictures, hashtag Australia, which I would only do when I travel. True, for the last one month of my stay in Australia I decided to travel. I felt that I should see more of the country rather than just eat, sleep, and work in Sydney for the past ten months. I’m sick of work, and I really need to be back on the road so badly, whatever, I’m coming for you Straya!

It all started from a small conversation between me and my colleague. Another chill morning in the coffee shop that I worked at when we had so much free time to chit chat. She was so enthusiastic telling her story about what she had done on the weekend, doing whale watching tour. When she mentioned the price was only $40, I soon lost my interest until I thought about it again, hey, that wasn't too bad.

Hey, how is it going? I might have to punish myself for abandoning my blog for quite a while. Life's been busy and really exhausting. I don't really have time for myself, even when I have, I'd rather just lay down on my bed and do nothing. I tried several times to write on something cause I've been doing stuffs, but again, I can't be bother "squeezing" my brain, I apologize for that.

Kuala Lumpur is close enough to my heart that I would call it as my second home. The fact that it's a neighbouring country to Indonesia, and the fact that it's just 30-minutes on sky from my hometown, it's not an unfamiliar place for me at all. I've been flying back and forth since I was a kid.

When I was a little girl, my mom would ask me on Sunday, "Hey, do you wanna come with me to the market?" I was like, "Hell no!" Yea, market was a nightmare for me, especially when I was around that age, fifteen year ago? (Damn, I feel old now). 

"Have you heard of Vivid? That's when the whole Sydney is glowing."

I love how my colleague described Vivid to me. The images of the whole buildings beaming with colorful light suddenly popped up in my head, it must be really exciting. I've long known about Vivid since my fellow blogger friend posted some breathtaking photos of the no-longer white Opera House. I never really see myself walking around world-famous harbor, Circular Quay, watching the most-talked Opera House changing its color. "Well, I cannot miss this show while I'm here in Sydney." I told myself. 

After my six months here in Sydney working and dealing with different types of people, I get to observe how 'Sydneysiders' behave, also their habit. Well, probably not for all of them, generally. Here, I found out some interesting things about them.

One of the top destination where often people go around Sydney other than Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach is Blue Mountain. Many would expect the mountain is blue, at least there's something blue around this mountain, but in reality it wasn't. It was explained that it was so named because of the mist and the haze look blue in distance. Isn't it all mountain look blue from distance?

I just got my visa and moving to Australia soon. What should I do next? 

Some of you might have the same question as I did. Moving to a country means you need to start over and prepare everything from the most basic things. It's normal to worry about stuffs like this, but as you go through everything, it's not as hard as you think. These five points might be able to give you insight:

Hello, I supposed to write about this on early December but apparently, I'm too busy (well, you know that's an excuse, haha). Can't believe we're on the tip of 2015! Lots of things going on for me, both expected and unexpected. I am now residing for a while to a new country that I haven't touched yet, Australia, something new for me. I know it's gonna be fun and I'm really excited for it!

Seeing animals in their real habitat living wild and free without cages or fences trapping them is a vary experience compares to a zoo visit. There's a different sensation when you meet them face to face. The biggest concern when we try to approach them wildly is the possibility of not seeing them. The fact that their natural instinct to human being, and the fact that they scatter deep inside the jungle. 
Photo by Alex Strohl
Home can be defined as a place where we were born, a place where we grow up, or a place where we live permanently. A home is not just a house, not just a building. It has more meaning than that. When you leave your home for a long time, you will miss everything about it, the streets around, the atmosphere, the food, and the people. It leaves us not only impressions but a memory that always be missed.

One thing that comes to traveler's and tourist's bucket list to tick in Bangkok with no doubt is Grand Palace. Yes, it is a mainstream site to visit, which is why in my previous Thailand trip in 2013, I had no interest to see Grand Palace because it's expensive and touristy, I was a poor backpacker back then. 

Thailand is a country with the biggest Buddhist population on earth. There are estimated around 40,000 temples in Thailand. No wonder, whether you walk in a big city or even in the suburb area, you will see temple and another temple just within one or two blocks away. Thai temples, or what they call as wats are typically comprising a multi-building complex with enticing architecture.