One of the top destination where often people go around Sydney other than Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach is Blue Mountain. Many would expect the mountain is blue, at least there's something blue around this mountain, but in reality it wasn't. It was explained that it was so named because of the mist and the haze look blue in distance. Isn't it all mountain look blue from distance?

I just got my visa and moving to Australia soon. What should I do next? 

Some of you might have the same question as I did. Moving to a country means you need to start over and prepare everything from the most basic things. It's normal to worry about stuffs like this, but as you go through everything, it's not as hard as you think. These five points might be able to give you insight:

Hello, I supposed to write about this on early December but apparently, I'm too busy (well, you know that's an excuse, haha). Can't believe we're on the tip of 2015! Lots of things going on for me, both expected and unexpected. I am now residing for a while to a new country that I haven't touched yet, Australia, something new for me. I know it's gonna be fun and I'm really excited for it!

Seeing animals in their real habitat living wild and free without cages or fences trapping them is a vary experience compares to a zoo visit. There's a different sensation when you meet them face to face. The biggest concern when we try to approach them wildly is the possibility of not seeing them. The fact that their natural instinct to human being, and the fact that they scatter deep inside the jungle. 
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Home can be defined as a place where we were born, a place where we grow up, or a place where we live permanently. A home is not just a house, not just a building. It has more meaning than that. When you leave your home for a long time, you will miss everything about it, the streets around, the atmosphere, the food, and the people. It leaves us not only impressions but a memory that always be missed.

One thing that comes to traveler's and tourist's bucket list to tick in Bangkok with no doubt is Grand Palace. Yes, it is a mainstream site to visit, which is why in my previous Thailand trip in 2013, I had no interest to see Grand Palace because it's expensive and touristy, I was a poor backpacker back then. 

Thailand is a country with the biggest Buddhist population on earth. There are estimated around 40,000 temples in Thailand. No wonder, whether you walk in a big city or even in the suburb area, you will see temple and another temple just within one or two blocks away. Thai temples, or what they call as wats are typically comprising a multi-building complex with enticing architecture.

Hello, I decided to make a section called Photo Diary. Basically the content is pictures with a little story behind it. It is all about my experience, my thought, and it's more personal. I've been writing articles more about the destination itself, like information about where to go, how to get there, all those stuffs, so when it comes to photo diary, I'm able to share whatever on my mind and how I feel. 

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Traveling in Indonesia sometimes can turn to be a pain in the ass if you're not used to chaotic and disorganized travel pace. There so many places to visit and the connectivity between cities to cities, islands to islands are very crucial here. I did once write an article about seven tips you have to read before traveling in Indonesia, and now I'm gonna share what are the best ways to move from one place to another one, not literally the best, but these simple piece of information can make your travel in Indonesia easier.

You will always have these group of people who you go hiking with. Sometimes you'll stick to the same guys, sometimes you'll meet some new friends or join in a new group and do hiking trips together. Has your friend become the right hiking partner for you? If they pass these 11 signs, then you have found the right hiking partner, 
In this beautiful fine day, I accidentally stumbled across a page about September Campaign by an organization named Charity:Water. Let's say the page is attractive, the idea is well concepted, and I am dying to do something different that can help the unlucky one, everything was just right, in the right moment. 

Pontianak is the capital city of West Kalimantan. The name actually distracts me, believe or not, there's a traditional myth about a pregnant woman who died and haunted men, women, even babies. She has a beautiful look, often illustrated wearing white long dress and lives in banana tree. If you ask any Indonesian about "Kuntilanak", everyone will recognize that name, 

Imagine, being one of the most culturally diverse country in the world, it's almost impossible to see all the tribes in a short time frame during your visit in Indonesia, yet not seeing any of them is utterly a big disappointment. From the famous Balinese Tribe with its mystical Kecak Dance to Sundanese Tribe with its melodic sound of traditional music instrument, having this priceless experience will elevate your stay here in Indonesia.

70, even my grandparents are older than the independence age of my country, Indonesia. My country has struggle through so much sweet and bitter pain, to keep the sovereignty from threats outside and inside of the country. 70 years after Indonesian strong warriors, bravely fought against colonialists. From Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, to Japanese, since 16th century stole our opulence and enslaved our people. Finally, on August 17th, 1945, we declared ourselves as an independent country and took back full control and authority on our own country.

Mount Argapura often called as Argopuro is a no longer active volcano in East Java, precisely administrated in Probolinggo Regency. Mt. Argopuro is less popular compared to its neighborhood volcanoes, Mt. Semeru and Raung, but it can't be underestimated. Besides,  Mt. Argopuro holds the predicate as the mountain with longest track in Java, almost 40kms in total. 

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Ever since I got the offer to stay in HARRIS Ciumbuleuit Bandung, more and more invitations are coming. I don't usually write a review about a hotel in my blog unless it's coloring my stay. There's tripadvisor anyway, or do you think I should open a section for reviewing hotel in my blog?

Among all the places in Vietnam that I traveled to, other than Dalat, a serene yet captivating mountain town up northwest of Vietnam named Sapa is the only place that, at least I fell in love with. Situated in Lao Cai Province, 380 km northwest of Hanoi, Sapa is famous with its rugged scenery, rice terraces, and the people. 

If somebody pointed you a question, go budget or go luxury? What would you answer? Some might answer luxury right away without second thought, some might opt for budget. I definitely go with budget, but if I received a good offer to stay in a luxury hotel? Why wouldn't I?

Indonesia sits between the most active seismic region in the world, the Pacific Ring of Fire. About 130 active volcanoes are vulnerable with volcanic eruptions that conduce to earthquake. Perhaps, It sounds eerie due to the unpredictable activity but adventure-seekers are challenged here to climb some stunning cloud-topped volcanoes in Indonesia. Climbing a volcano is a distinctive experience, especially in Indonesia where you have to bring all the equipment by yourself, no built-shelter up there, off the unbeaten track, and less information, on the other side, finding yourself in a whole package of lush rain forest, smoky crater, and laid-back lake, is something uncomparable.