26 days trip (Part 2) : Journey Goes On, Bromo, Madakaripura, Papuma

After I reached Malang, I directly took bus from Arjosari to Probolinggo. That’s where my cs friend Kholid waited for me. He hosted me in a small but warm house. First time I got into the house, his mom welcomed me with her warm greeting. Then I met his father. His father suffers blindness due to the accident he had. His mother served me a cup of tea, and also his sister who lived in the next house gave me surabi to eat. I felt
really happy here. I felt thankful because I have a good life, felt grateful of this kind people. Even I was thinking, if I were an angel, I would help this family and bring happiness to this family. God please bless this family. Traveling is not just having fun, but it teaches us many things about life. Oya ! If you visit Probolinggo don’t forget to come to the tourism center, located just in front of the train station. They will give you any information you want, and help you to get the best choice or service. Maps for free, information for free, postcard for free, all for free. I heard many compliments from tourists. If you wanna ask about Bromo, Ijen, transportation, etc, this is the right place.

So Friday, 20 July 2012 my plan was visiting Madakaripura waterfall. But Bang Kholid kept asking me, “are you sure you don’t wanna go to Pananjakan again? Last time it was cloudy right?” I said, “no need, it was great”. He replied, “Are you sure? are you sure? we can go now if you want”. I said, ” arrghh…okayyy let’s go.” Since we had enough time and it’s same way to Madakaripura, so why not. This time via Probolinggo. The access or road is better than Nongkojajar or Tumpang. Salute to Bang Kholid’s motorcycle, haha. It’s kindda steep till I need to get down from motorcycle and walk. Haha..We arrived in Pananjakan 2 at 11 p.m. We need to climb stairs to Pananjakan 2. It’s lower than Pananjakan 1. But ya, again, I was so amazed by the beauty.

2 grannys who offered taking pic but then asking for money

Beautiful view of Lautan Pasir

Bromo in the noon

Bang Kholid and his motorcycle

After taking pictures, we went to Madakaripura waterfall. It’s said that Madakaripura was a place where Prime Ministry Gajah Mada isolated himself in this waterfall. The waterfall height is 200m, surrounded by 7 waterfalls and caves. The entrance fee is 3000 per person. Then we need to walk bout 30 mins. Crossing stone and river for 2 or 3 times. Don’t forget to bring umbrella unless it’s ok to get wet, but there’s people renting the umbrella and it’s up to you how much you wanna pay.

view of some waterfalls

we need to pass this to go to the main waterfall. That’s why umbrella is needed

it’s circle up there, beautiful

this s the waterfall. It’s tall 200m

Done with Bromo and Madakaripura. You will find your vehicles are clean, there are some kids who clean it up for you and ask for money, even if you didnt ask them to clean it. Ya..I think this place is not really organized well by the local. Let’s hope it’ll better for next time and many tourists come here. We went back to Probolinggo and visit a place which is still on built progress. It will become a mangrove conservation, and also next tourism spot in Probolinggo. Let’s wait for few years later =)

Saturday, 21 July 2012 we departed to Jember by motorcycle. 2 hours from Probolinggo. I was in bad mood because my ass was fakin hurt at that time =p everytime, going anywhere using motorcycle was like uhhh ! I prefer taking train for 18 hours, or bus 24 hours, than motorcycle for 2 hours. But then, I changed my sit position, so sit not facing to the front but to the left side, and my ass wasn’t hurt anymore..So it’s okay for me now to ride motorcycle even for 5 hours..hahahhaa…Our destination was Tanjung Papuma. It’s located in south. Entrance fee is 7000. The stone there was spectacular. Let’s just look at the pics.

on the way to Papuma.

white sandy beach

The stone
another side of Papuma

We stayed one night in Mas Pandu’s house, he is Bang Kholid’s workmate. Both of them is is charge for the tourism center in Probolinggo. Thanks Mas Pandu =) Then on Sunday, 22 July, proceeded to Bali yuhuuu !!
Thanks a lot for Bang Kholid and family. Total I spent more or less was 200k

with Bang Kholid’s mom. Thanks a lot =)

Traveled in 20-22 July 2012

Special Thanks to Kholid and his family


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