Regarding on my previous post about my questions on why Indonesian backpackers prefer to go abroad , I got some answers from my couchsurfing friends. I posted this topic on couchsurfing and thanks for these people who answered and gave their opinion about this topic. Here are some replies, I do really thankful and respect all the opinions. Hope Indonesia can be better someday.

 Posted 26 hrs ago by Dimas Primacahyadi from Manado, Indonesia (Permalink)

Simple dear,

Traveling in Indonesia (although bitter to say) is very very very expensive and we don’t have the “foreigner diplomatic immunity” luxury if we do something improper or as in a sophisticated example: “Oops my bad. I don’t know touching boobies is not a form of handshake here. I’m a foreigner”.

And as saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side, so the further abroad is way cooler attitude is basically implemented in almost all “Homo sapiens travelistanensis” including the variant of “Bacpackerien cheapaspossiblinensis” no matter of the culture, nationality, racial, gender or language background.

Furthermore, some may think is racist, but this is purely fictional scientific, the “wajah Melayu nyasar memelas” or “lost Malayan pity and desperate face” doesn’t work as effectively in domestic environment compare to abroad.

Nevertheless, the attitude of competing to travel abroad is by any means of standard, sane or insane, is pathological and narcissistic. These people need helps. Advice them to channel their abundance in time, energy and money for more reasonable and meaningful activities.

I hope this can answer you question and satisfy your inquiry.


Posted 1 hour ago by Luciana Tampubolon from Bekasi, Indonesia (Permalink)
The cost of traveling domestic in Indonesia is way more expensive compare to international destination. Not because the value of money or currency make it expensive, but the cost we spent compare to some service we received while traveling domestic most of time make us disappointed, deceived, unworthy.

I’ve been to some SEA countries and saw its big different, and met many foreigner traveler also who didn’t seem interested to put Indonesia on their itinerary.

1. Bad of service public transportation, starting with our local flight which many complain of delay, lost baggage, inconvenience complained, not to mention the price of the ticket more pricey compare to some airlines from our neighbour country.

Same happens to Bus, even I’m local, if I’m stranded to bus station I need to ask several peoples how to go to somewhere. No information desk, no ticket boot, and yet no fix schedule. Imagine it happened to foreigner without any communication skill to local peoples, I just imagine they’ll become easy prey for crime and deceit. Saw in ultimate traveller on Nat Geo travel how 3 young peoples from UK took bus from Bromo to Bali, which quiet expensive price, and they’ve been said the bus will go to Bali and ticket included of ferry, but they got dumped near the port of gilimanuk and the bus just returned small amount of money irresponsibly and asked them go by small “angkot” then took ferry, bought another ferry ticket. And I saw that, I knew thing like that often happens in Indonesia if bus/angkot has less passenger they just gave small amount of money and kick us out in the middle of nowhere. And it cost alot plus anger/stress inside our head. lol.

The train, you know it’s only available in some area of Java

before I travel out of Indonesia, I was so naive and easily snap anyone in one forum to whom said bad thing about Indonesia and how terrible our public transportation, I told him only smart peoples who brave enough who can travel in Indonesia,hahahhaha..
But once I stepped out, 1st went to Singapore..

U step at Changi Airport, all brochure about Information, map, shopping, all over the places, you just can take it and go around with no need to confuse. Amazed for Singapore’s MRT also for 1st time, how it was so easy to getting places there.

put my feet at Kuala Lumpur, hellooo..they have MRT

To Bangkok airport, amazed how foreigner line at immigration have very long queque compare for domestic line..hahahha, at CGK, all domestic are full queque and foreigner line so empty..sad.

And Bangkok they also have that kind MRT from airport to the city, not to mention all Thai greet you with smile, even if some peoples try to deceive you, they put smile on their face. lol (met scum at grand palace wth nicest smile, but I didn’t buy his story abt closing grand palace)

From Phuket to Koh Phangan, I can bought transfer ticket which transfer pick up from hotel to bus station and ferry, and amazingly the ferry..full of tourist, the ferry not too much expensive compare to their service. They have to manage many peoples with big bagpacks, and created system with color sticker to notice who will go to Koh Samui or whom will go to Koh Phangan, and soon they grab the bagpack from me put together with others on ferry deck, which there was 2 level to each island destination. They are so well organized, work so fast and even rushed me to go into ferry in minute, inside ferry there was nice seat and aircon. Imagine our ferry condition..

went to Tidung Island, and amazed how nice the Muara Karang port..hahaha, how amazingly scary the ferry.
Sad again, only peoples with big bucks can go with speed boat and enjoy travel in our country.

It’s not about other yard greener than ours. After some traveling to these neighbour’s countries now I feel ashamed for what I’ve said to snap someone at forum about how Incredible Indonesia not include with the package of incredible services. It’s really sad.
And i realized, yes only brave and smart peoples with nine’s life who can enjoy adventurous Indonesia.
It won’t make Indonesia less amazing site to other country. Just we are not all adventurous traveler, some of us want to have relax-enjoy holiday with no hassle but worth of cost in limited time. That’s part of the reason some of us prefer step outside Indonesia, to open our eyes, to learn, to evaluate things while we can still enjoy our holiday.


Posted 43 mins ago by Sam 99 from Heidelberg, Germany (Permalink)
Cost (and convenience) of travel might be a valid point I have no current data about but for me as a German citizen this was definitely not the case. Travelling inside Germany is easy, convenient and safe but still it took me many many years rushing through dozens of countries all over the world before I started to fully experience and enjoy the beauty and diversity of my own country. The urge to see more remote places was stronger in my early years.
So I tend to think that what you brought up here is more a global than a national phenomenon.