If it’s translated to English, Danau Gunung Tujuh means Seven Mountains Lake and Danau Kaco means Mirror Lake. Why is it named so? I’ll tell you one by one. Danau Gunung Tujuh is located not far from Mount Kerinci. About 30 minutes ride to the location from Tugu Macan, Mount Kerinci. Danau Gunung Tujuh is known as the highest volcanic crater lake in South East Asia. This location has seven mountains

surrounded the lake which was used to be a volcanic crater. Here are the names of the mountains Gunung Hulu Tebo, Gunung Hulu Sangir, Gunung Mandura Besi, Gunung Selasih, Gunung Jar Panggang, Gunung Tujuh.
23 December 2012
After going down from Mount Kerinci, I only have a little time to take a rest. Our stomach at that time had been craving for food. Without wasting anytime, we had our simple but meaningful lunch (for our stomach). Bakso or meatball was the closest food nearby. No wonder my friend had two rounds meal because of hunger. After lunch, we stopped oto to Danau Gunung Tujuh Resort. Only me and Bang Jamie continued while the other two went back to Sungai Penuh. It was raining, not for a long time. We still have to get ojek to go inside to the resort. When you heard resort, forget about luxurious resort. Yes before it’s a resort, but has been abandoned. It became a place for basecamp only, where people register to hike Danau Gunung Tujuh. 4 friends were waiting for us, Mbak Yandhi, Yura, Sari, and Aan from Padang. They are friends of Bang Jamie (he’s popular :p). Still with our tired body, we walked and hiked. Pretty draining our stamina. Plus the big refrigerator (backpack) on my back. Aa..my tight was soo stiff. Started at 4 p.m. and ended up at 7 p.m. It’s normal. 3 hours. The other girls are strong. We built our camp, and had rest. I had a massage session with Bang Jamie. Single touch could make us scream loudly. So hurt 🙁
On the next day, when sun had shown its light, not so bright because it’s cloudy. We enjoyed the lake, even swam in that cold water. Being a part of nature was just an incredible feeling you cannot find in the town, especially Jakarta.

On our way, still flat at first

view of the lake, cloudy
clean and clear

jump jump jump
24 December 2012
Time to go back to Sungai Penuh.
Oto from Tugu Macan to intersection : 5k/person
Ojek to Resort  Gunung Tujuh: 5k/person (normal 3k)
Retribution: 2k/person
Oto from resort to Sungai Penuh (Mbak Sandra’s house) : 20k/person (15k only till town)
notes: Ask for the driver’s number. If you’re 6 person you can ask them to go into resort and bring you back to Sungai Penuh
25 December 2012
Our schedule today, Danau Kaco. Danau Kaco is located in Lempur, Kerinci, Jambi. Not too many people know this place, but I’m sure sooner or later people will scattered around this place. There are seven lakes in Lempur (Lingkat, Kaco, Kecik, Duo, Nyalo, Kipon, uknown). Not only lakes but more than 10 waterfalls are here. There are some historical buildings as well such as mosque. I think it has potential to jack up tourism of Indonesia, for its nature especially.
Again I didn’t have much time to take rest. 6 a.m. preparing to go to Danau Kaco. Bang Jamie’s friend called Bang Dayat drove the cars. Nine of us, plus Mbak Sandra and Mbak Simon. An hour to the gate continued by 3 hours trekking. It was soo muddy ! I was trapped in the mud a few times. I decided not to wear my sandals, don’t follow me. Wear your shoes for safety. There are two posts before the lake. We walked and crossed river.

Trapped in the mud. Need Bang Jam’s help to pull me out

Holding hand crossing the river, careful of the stream

Crossing tall bamboo plants, looks like in China huh?

When I arrived at the lake, I saw heaven. It’s like in fairy tales. So blue with green trees and leaves surrounded it. There is small waterfall. I was imagining some angels were taking bath in that lake. It was just so wonderful ! They said the blue color comes from the high mineral contained by the water. Taste the water ! They said it’s better than aqua. I tasted it but it tasted the same, water haha. Some fishes were swimming and yes this lake looks like a mirror. You can see your own reflection on the surface. There are some trunks inside the lake. Bang Jamie said the trunk is actually deep inside the water but look very close from the surface. Somebody had ever tried to dive into the bottom, but it’s very deep. The trunk that looks only 1 meter from the surface actually lays 10 meters down there. wow amazing !

How’s your feeling if you see this kind of view just in front of your eyes?

Holy Blue !

Meditation in this kind of place was just relaxing

Beautiful sooo beautiful
Crystal clear water

Thank You all !! =)

Traveled in 23-25 December 2012

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