Hello, I supposed to write about this on early December but apparently, I’m too busy (well, you know that’s an excuse, haha). Can’t believe we’re on the tip of 2015! Lots of things going on for me, both expected and unexpected. I am now residing for a while to a new country that I haven’t touched yet, Australia, something new for me. I know it’s gonna be fun and I’m really excited for it!

Surely. this change doesn’t happen overnight. I had desired and planned for this life experience since my early 20s (I’m still in this stage though). Sounds cool, huh? However, I’m likely just having the same intention among heaps of people around the world who travel and do “work and holiday” in Australia. Means, nothing really special about it.

What makes it different is, I’m holding a passport which is not “travel-friendly”, so it requires me lots of time and effort just to arrange a visit to another country, especially for a year. I had to deal with all the time-consuming procedure, from submitting application, interview, to medical check up which took about six months long.

But who cares, I’m in Australia now, I arrived on mid November, earlier from what I’d planned which is January next year, why? Because I was running out of money, haha. So, I decided to fly exactly right after I obtained my visa. The sooner the better, so I could find job and earn quicker. I was planning to go to Perth as well, turns out I changed direction to Sydney. First impression was, the city’s pretty average, just like another big city. I wasn’t really into exploring yet cause I wanted to get a job immediately so I just spent my whole time browsing and applying online and offline.

You know the funny thing is, I met this girl from instagram. Apparently, we’ve been following each other and I decided to talk to her on instagram, cause I saw her pictures mostly in Australia. She lives in Sydney, moreover she offered to host me. She really helped me a lot throughout everything, she helped me look out for job, gave me free stay, cheap rent, she brought me food cause she worked in restaurant, She’s really a savior to me so I didn’t really spend much. Big thanks for you Weni! Check out her awesome feed in instagram “wenisilviani” 🙂

The weather in Sydney is actually very confusing. Today it can be so chill and the next day it goes up to 40 degrees and then drops to 20 something degrees. What I love is, no matter how sunny it is, there’s still cool breeze and it’s not humid at all. Overall, I enjoy the weather here in Sydney.

I wouldn’t miss taking a photo with this iconic house

Within a week, I finally got into a coffee and pastry shop which was just literally only 5 minutes walk from my place. Basically I’m doing all-rounder stuffs, such as cashier, do toasties, make some drinks, and deliver the pies and cakes. It’s not really a hard job and no-pressure at all. Ever since then, I started to explore more in the city.

I’ve pretty much done all the top things-to-do here in Sydney. Bondi Beach and all the beaches along the east coast were over the top, definitely an ideal place to redeem yourself from the hassle and bustle in city. Besides it’s just 20 minutes away, and you only have to spend $6 for the bus, return. Walking across the Harbor Bridge was also my favorite thing to do, the feeling of walking across the bridge with a dazzling view of Sydney Opera House and the city, it’s just, indescribable. Last but not least, Milsons Point for the most breathtaking sunset in Sydney.

The bench where I used to sit


I’m sure there’re still bunch of things coming up and I’m looking forward to find out what Australia can offer. On top of that, I’m desperately wanting an adventurous also exciting experiences as I’m gonna stay here for a year. So let’s see what will happen. I’d like to wish you a joyful Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a good one!


 Touchdown in Sydney: 16 November 2015