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Exploring North of Bali: Gitgit, Aling Aling, and Sekumpul Falls

The reason why I keep coming back to Bali is that I haven’t explored enough yet, simple as that. There are still some areas that I haven’t been to, beaches in Bali that I haven’t seen, or some charming villages where I want to be.

Besides, I also love the vibes, how easy it is to get to the nearest beach just to feel the ocean breeze.

I will share story about my exploration to some of the waterfalls in Bali, precisly in the north; Gitgit waterfall, Aling-aling waterfall, and Sekumpul Falls. And believe me, this is just a tiny part of it cause there are more phenomenal waterfalls in Bali.

Gitgit Waterfall

Kicking off from Seminyak, we started very early and drove towards Singaraja which is about 2 hours drive. The weather was pleasant, the sun was not too high yet and I enjoyed myself examining local activities and the surrounding.

The closer we got to Singaraja, the scenery started to change and the air was getting cooler. We drove pass through winding road and tall trees were seen on both sides till we found a turning point signing that Gitgit Falls wouldn’t be far.

We entered  a small path into a village then after asking local where to park our scooter, we continued by foot, a bit of trekking to the waterfall. The best thing about starting early is no one’s around yet and we had the waterfall for ourselves.

I took off my clothes and dipped my toe into the water to measure the temperature. It’s chilly! I braced myself and let my skin and body adjust to the cold and next up to my neck, I plunged into the water.

Gitgit waterfall is not too tall but the drop is pretty strong so we had to try hard to capture some shots while getting splashed by the water. What a nice morning to swim.

The sun ray tried to make its way through the leaves but the trees were too dense leaving just shades. Apparently there’s two Gitgit Falls around this area. I’m not sure whether this is the first or the second one.

Enough with the swim, we jumped back to our scooter and drove to the accommodation that we had booked near Aling-aling. Day one was spent by relaxing in the villa.

Gitgit Waterfalls in Bali Gitgit Waterfall

Aling-aling Waterfall

Same strategy for today, woke up early to avoid the crowd. There’s no big sign that shows the exact location of Aling-aling, we were in confusion and finally found it.

The parking is by the roadside then we walked passing through a beautiful garden full of colorful leaves and flowers. From all these threes waterfall I really like the surrounding the most.

There are several waterfalls in this area as well besides Aling-aling; Kroya Falls and Kembar Falls. First we stopped at Aling-aling. The waterfall is so strong that you’re not allowed to swim. We didn’t spend too much time there and went straight to the next one which is only few meters away, Kroya Falls.

Kroya Falls is famous for its jumping point. My friend was getting ready to jump but then a man showed up. He told us that if we’d like to jump we had to pay Rp 100.000, like, seriously? “What about just a swim?”, I asked. “Yes, you have to pay”, he replied.

My mood suddenly changed. This is the most ridiculous thing ever. We paid the entrance fee and we had to pay extra just to swim? This is nature and nature doesn’t belong to someone particularly. I understand if there’s a price to rent the helmet, the life jacket, and stuffs.

But only for a swim? I was totally disappointed. Eventually, the guy was kindhearted. He told us if we wanted to swim, we could go down to the other waterfall so that his friend could not see and charged us money. Still, I didn’t have any mood to swim again and left. Better to swim in our villa’s pool.

flowers around aling aling waterfall

Aling Aling Waterfalls in BaliAling Aling Waterfall

Kembar waterfalls in baliKembar Falls

Kroya waterfalls in baliKroya Falls

Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Falls was the last one to complete and it’s located a bit off-the-beaten track. From the main road we still had to drive through a small road with some up and down hill, not an easy drive.

Finally we reached the carpark yet we still had to walk for about half an hour down to the waterfall. The trek at the beginning passed through villages and farms, again it’s a bit confusing because there’s no mark or sign.

We reached a registration post and paid our entrance fee then we slowly walked down the steep stairs. Sekumpul Falls is huge. Surrounded by lush and green plants, I really can’t wait to jump into the water.

It was hard for me to open my eyes because the splash from the falls were pretty hard but it was amazing. There are some waterfalls nearby and we went to the one on the left, nobody’s around. We had a blast enjoying all the waterfalls!

Sekumpul waterfalls in baliSekumpul Falls

other waterfalls in bali sekumpulSmall waterfall next to Sekumpul Falls

That’s pretty much how beautiful the waterfalls in Bali, especially the one in the north, Gitgit, Aling Aling, and Sekumpul Waterfall. Make sure to check them out while you’re in Bali.

Traveled in October 2017

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5 responses to “Exploring North of Bali: Gitgit, Aling Aling, and Sekumpul Falls”

  1. Galih Suseno Avatar

    Wah jadi pengen ke Sekumpul…

    1. Velysia Zhang Avatar

      Iyaa cakep banget air terjunnya

  2. Galih Suseno Avatar

    Wah jadi pengen ke Sekumpul…

  3. Himawan Sant Avatar

    Kereennya … air terjun Aling-aling dan Sekumpul.
    Foto-fotonya juga keren,kak.

    1. Velysia Zhang Avatar

      Iyaa mampir gih coba hehe

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