House of Dancing Water Things to Do in Macao

Macao – Las Vegas of the East. For sure this title doesn’t come up without any reason. With so much cash flowing into this small city from the casino business, more and more luxurious estate are developed to accommodate visitors. Expect to see flashy shopping malls, high-end hotels, and mind-blowing entertainments that would elevate your travel experiences in Macao. If you have a queue of credit cards in your wallet and don’t mind to spend extra bucks in exchange of a pinch of fancy experience, then you shouldn’t miss these activities. I’ve summed up a list of 15 things to do in Macao, let’s get started!

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1. Walk or Dine in the Sky at Macao Tower

Could be the best place for truth or dare game, or maybe worst? Macao’s most famous landmark, the Macao Tower is the place for you to claim a prestigious record for doing the highest commercial bungee-jumping in the world! Not ready for the challenge yet? Test how far you can go by going up to the observatory deck on the 58th Floor and step on the transparent floor. Look down, don’t close your eyes.

If it’s still too much for you to handle, I hope 360′ Cafe can soothe you a bit – of course it will, you’ll be busy digging the unlimited food served fresh on the bar, from Baked Mushroom Bread Pudding to Roasted Beef Tenderloin. The restaurant rotates slowly, sit down and relax while munching the dumplings with the 360 panoramic view above Macao City.

*Price for tower admission MOP 145, Buffet starts from MOP 278, and Skywalk starts from MOP 788. Click here for more information.

Buffet Macao Tower

Dine with Panoramic View of Macao City

Experience Macao Tower

The Experience in Macao Tower

2. Ride the Eight-shaped Golden Reel, Studio City

Ferris wheel doesn’t always have to be round, it can come in shape too such as the eight-shaped Golden Reel. The ride will take you up 130 meters from the ground, clear enough for you to see the whole Cotai Strip before descending down. If you’re a big fan of superhero and fantasizing about saving the world from the bad guy, save a bundle on the tickets with Batman Dark Flight, a 4D flight simulation.

*Ticket Price: MOP 100. Click here for more information.

Golden Reel Studio City Macao

View from the Golden Reel

3. Enjoy Sunset while Sipping Cocktail, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Take drinking to the next level by sipping your favorite cocktail in Vida Rica Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Macao. The cocktails are presented in both unique and elegant ways, such as Legend of Kremlin – a glass of Absolute Pear Vodka mixed with Legend of Kremlin Vodka, pineapple, calamansi, and lemon juice – a perfect start for a boozy night out. Check out the incredible skyline during sunset overlooking Nam Van Lake and Macao Tower.

*Click here for the best deals and book your hotel in Macao.

Cocktails Mandarin Oriental Macao Bar

Unique Cocktail Called Legend of Kremlin

4. Watch the Glittering Lights of Parisian from Macao Eiffel Tower

The sophisticated Eiffel Tower was cloned at the prominent gambling district in Cotai. The half-scaled replica of the real Eiffel Tower joins the club for premium attractions happening in Macao. Head up to the 37th floor and enjoy the spellbinding view of Parisian, a luxurious hotel resort featuring shopping malls and water park, as well as the sparkling lights from other high buildings.

*Price: MOP 100. Click here for more information.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower

Dazzling View of Parisian from Macao Eiffel Tower

5. Swan Boat-Pedaling around Nam Van Lake

Classic and old-fashion, nonetheless it’s always fun to unwind and spend some time with friends or family sitting and pedaling the swan boat. Another lovey-dovey way to enjoy the tower especially in a sunny day. Plus, it’s cheap and cheerful!

*Price: MOP 20 per person (30 minutes)

Nam Van Lake Macao

Pedaling the Boat around Nam Van Lake

6. Sharpen Your Creativity at One Creative Arts Department

Crave for something different? Throw yourself to One Creative Arts Department where you can join their workshop classes and learn something new, or bring your creative side to the table. I did try the soy wax aromatherapy and learn a few process from melting the wax, choosing the scent, and design the wax with cute flowers on top.  Out of three attempt I managed to create one descent bar (which is not in the picture below, haha). They do some other workshops as well such as preserved flower workshop, butter cream flower cake workshop, and many more.

*Price for this workshop was MOP 250. Click here for more information.

Workshop in One Creative Arts Department Shop

Making Scented-Bar in One Creative Arts Department

7. Beer Sampling at Beer Temple

Just next to One Creative Arts Department is a restaurant named Beer Temple. You can tell from its name that this the place for beer worshiper! Haha, just kidding. It’s a nice cozy restaurant with many collections of beer from all around the globe. If you’re not sure which one to get, talk to the expert and explain what flavors you like, if it’s sweet or dry, strong or less, then he’ll pick one from the chiller, and congrats, you get your beer! The food, was to die for so..pray for yourself.

Beer Temple Macao

Got my beer

Food Beer Temple Macao

Tasty Food as well

8. Movie Time at Cinematheque Passion

Not a place to watch the latest Hollywood movie but for sure they play a good quality movies. Born from the passion to introduce indie or local film-makers, Cinematheque is the place for you to trace the story behind filming industry in Macao. The colorful seats are pretty instagramable, aren’t they?

*Ticket Price MOP 60. Click here for more information.

Colorful Seating

9. Live Version of Famous Chinese Folklore, the Monkey King Show, Sands Cotai

Journey to the West is one of the most famous Chinese Folklore about a monk who travels with his disciples to the west in order to bring the holy scriptures back to China. Based on that story, this show is highlighting one of his disciples, the mischievous and playful Monkey King. Like any other show, it’s compiled with acrobatic moves and dance, not forget to mention the 3D effects throughout the show.

*Price starts from MOP 380 – 1280 depending on the seat. Click here for more information.

Monkey King Show in Sands Cotai Macao

Monkey King Show in Sands Cotai

Monkey King Show Macao

Mind Blowing Effects in Monkey King Show

10. Be Amazed with the House of Dancing Water, City of Dreams

This show is no joke! From the very beginning this show will leave you speechless with its electrifying acrobatic stunt. I’m not gonna be a spoiler but basically the story is about a gentleman fighting a cruel devil queen to save his lover. It’s a complete package of thrill, romance, and a bit of humor.  The quick changing of the set from wet to dry is bewildering, the props, the effects, and top class performers, dance, everything about this show deserves standing ovation. Best show I’ve watched so far!

*Price starts from MOP 580 to 1480 depending on the seat. Click here for more information.

House of Dancing Water Macau

The Show of House of Dancing Water

House of Dancing Water Macao

Romance in House of Dancing Water

Performance House of Dancing Water Macao

More Acts in House of Dancing Water

11. Check Out the Golden Tree of Prosperity, Wynn Macao

Can you believe that this tree is embellished with 24 karat golds?! It’s hard for me to believe it. We’re talking about technology and luxury now. The dome overhead will open up and a massive shimmering chandelier will slowly come down. Soon after, the lower dome will also open up and the golden trees are up, changing its color based on the season. Impressive!

*Price: Free

Tree of Prosperity Wynn Macao

The Golden Tree

12. Dance with the Dancing Fountain, Wynn Macao

It can get very exciting just to watch the flashy water swayed to the beat and creating arcs. The water splash alternately from one side to another until they all jump high to the climax, before you realized that the show just ended.

*Price: Free

Dancing fountain wynn macao

The Dancing Fountain in front of Wynn Macao

13. Name the Fish in a Giant Aquarium, MGM Macao

It seems like all these resorts are trying their best to entertain the guests. A neon-blue giant aquarium was installed in the middle of lobby area of MGM. I bet kids would love this!

*Price: Free

Aquarium MGM Macao

The Big Aquarium in MGM Macao

14. Enter Wynn Palace with the Cable Car

The best comfort you can get just to enter a shopping mall, by a cable car! Hop to the cabin and it will transfer you across the lake to Wynn Palace. Super easy!

*Price: Free

cable car ride wynn palace macau

Free Cable Car Ride at Wynn Palace

15. Flirt with the Gondola’s Boatman, Venetian

I’m not really a fan of this kind of thing but hey, if a handsome guy taking me on a gondola and sing his heart out with his lovely voice, no second thought, I’m in. Turns out I have to bite my finger because he’s married to someone!

*Price MOP 128 for shared ride and MOP 512 for private. Click here for more information.

Gondola Ride Venetian Macao

Gondola Ride in Venetian

Traveled in 8-13 April 2018

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