I was a big fan of Guetta since I was very young. I started to hear his music when I was in Senior High
School.  Yes, RNB is my favorite music genre. Guetta, my favorite DJ ever! I love all his tracks featuring some great artist. His beat, I love it!!
13th October 2012, I will never forget this date. Guetta concert in Ecopark Ancol Jakarta!! I was freaking excited! I went there with Violetta (my sister) and Oyong (my friend). The gate was opened in 7 p.m. then there were another guest star DJs, Kazjames and Alesso. I went there by taxi at 9 p.m. Then the party started!! Hell yeah crowded!
Guetta brought us his popular single, “Titanium” as the opening. The opening was great, with great visual and stage. But the sound system is not big enough I think, but it’s worthy, I was very satisfy and excited. The crowd sang together, we jumped, we dance! Then his other new single “She Wolf” Love this song so much! Other great hits such as Love is Gone, Sexy Bitch, One Love, When Love Takes Over, Sweat, Without You, Turn Me On, I Can Only Imagine, Play Hard, Wild Ones, and finally closed with I Gotta Feeling. Party for two hours. It was freaking awesome, super duper crazy. Finally, I could see David Guetta that close, I could see my favorite DJ, Love him! Thanks IsmayaLive for bringing us such a great DJ. Yes 2012, the best party, best year!