The special experience that I got from Vietnam was the food! My taste bud couldn’t stop playing with the flavo! Moreover, the price for the food is really cheap! Even the street food was so yummy. I’ll post all the food pictures here since I can’t remember all the names, too difficult to spell, hehe. I’m sure you’ll get hungry after you see all of the pictures. Anyway, if you know the name please comment, thanks!

Pha (read: fo)


Cassava, what they ate during the war
Yummy yummy spring roll
Vietnamese Coffee, taste so strong but perfect at the same time
Ban Mi Thit, Vietnamese special sandwich, influenced by French
Eating this BBQ thing with rice wine, mot hai banh (cheers in Vietnamese)!
Choose what you want
Roll it and Dip it to this super amazing sauce!
Fried rice with minced pork
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