I woke up on 5 a.m. in the morning. I was lack of sleep and it made me tired but I was still very excited to do the activities. After having a light breakfast in the hotel, we departed to the harbor again which is not very far from our hotel. Again, taking speedboat but we had different destination today. Komodo Island and Pink Beach. It took about 1 hour to reach Loh Liang or Komodo Island. First arrival, as usual I would get out
from the boat and took pictures before it’s getting crowded. As a World Heritage Site, they had build a beautiful welcome board made by stone designed with Komodo statue on it. There are no housings in Komodo Island and also Rinca Island. Only some small cottage as the place for guides to stay. The shifting system for the guides is 10 days working and 10 days work. A guide told me that he preferred to stay in the island rather than going back to Labuan Bajo because the living cost there is expensive. Maybe he’s still single so not a big deal for him but what about the married one and having family? Haha..And also he told me the numbers of domestic visitors are increasing. The ratio is 50:50. Not only international tourists come to Komodo Island. I was so glad knowing that Indonesian choose its own country for vacation. Too many potentials of our own country to be explored. Again, thanks to ministry of tourism who had worked hard to in promoting Indonesia tourism. Glad to hear that. Next, after hearing the explanation from the guide, we began our trekking to see Komodo Dragon. Yay !

With the winners

Trekking map

So dry, no leaves on it

A plant used to be eaten by ancestor 

We reached a spot where water are available. Actually this water spring was made, not naturally created by nature. The reason is to attract animals such as deer, pig, buffalo. When they gather in this place, Komodo Dragon will also come to this place to look for the prey. I was shocked when there were 5 Komodo Dragons gather in this place at once. The size are bigger than the one in Rinca Island. I was kindda scared because there were so many of them, afraid they would attack at once. The Komodo Dragons were having rest. They usually do that in afternoon. We did trekking about 1.5 hours.

A group of deer

Komodo Dragon is having a rest

He had a good pose :p

So biggg

Next destination Pink Beach. Still located in Komodo Dragon, only different side of island. The sand is real pink ! Not all of them actually. The gradation made from the wave created pink colour. There are still noe exact theory on why the sand is pink. Some said it’s leftovers from broken corals. After having lunch and waiting for my stomach digested the food a little bit, snorkeling time ! The corals are way much better than Kanawa Island. I was so amazed !

Pink Beach, blue sea..perfecto !

Look at the pink sand

Beautiful view taken from a hill on the left side

Colourful fish and coral

Save our coral please

It’s just snorkeling. Cant imagine how beautiful when diving

Amazing view taken from hill on the right side

Finally, we went back to our hotel. I was so sleepy , tired, no energy left. I cleaned myself and waited for the sunset on my hotel balcony. I actually changed my room. First room I got, facing the jungle not sea. I went to the receptionist and asked them to change my room. I was so excited with this room.

How I loved my room..Envy? ;))

The time has come ! Sunset..I love the big red sun when it sets down like a big fireball. I love eastern sun

So red and big

During the night we had a great time. Having dinner together at the pool side, singing together, dancing, celebrating our last moment before separate. It’s fun to hear turkish song, philippines song, and mongolian song. We got money in cash, having this trip has been a bless for me, even no cash money I would be very grateful already. I didn’t know how much they spent for us but I think one head almost 10 million rupiah.  I would like to say thank you for Indonesia.Travel, for everything. Big thanks to God to appreciate my hardwork. I was soo lucky. Thanks to Bang Ravindra (bule) as our organizer. Thanks to Bu Ratna and Pak Budi from Ministry of Tourism. Great job ! Don’t ever stop promoting our lovely country, Indonesia ! Thanks to Bang Sandhi for sharing such a lot information. Thanks to all the winners, you had worked so hard and you guys successfully won this trip. Thanks for the media. Thanks for all my friends who had helped me to gain more points. I love Indonesia !!!

Traveled in 4-7 December 2012