My heart beat so fast when the results had come out. I scrolled my trackpad down to find my name on the winner list in (check the website), the creator of a quiz I followed for this past one and a half month. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I saw my name on the 15th rank. How lucky I am, thanks God for appreciating my hardwork. I won free trip to Komodo National Park. 4-7 Dec was
precisely the right time, I had silent week before exam, no class. And here we go, Komodo Nationak Park with its legendary Komodo Dragon.

Brief overview of Komodo National Park. Komodo national park before was a candidate for seven wonders. It is only the place where komodo dragon can be found. Komodo dragon is a rare species and almost extinct. Therefore, it is acknowledged as a World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve. The gate to reach this wonderful Komodo National Park is from Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Direct flights from Jakarta are available, but I suggest to fly to Bali first then continue to Labuan Bajo because it will be cheaper (in case you wanna press your budget). From Labuan Bajo, take a boat to the islands. There are three main islands: Rinca Island (Loh Buaya), Komodo Island (Loh Liang), and Padar Island. About 2000++ Komodo Dragon live in these islands. Komodo Dragon looks slow and quite but it can attack the prey anytime. It moves pretty quick 20-30 km/hour. It has a good ability in smelling food and blood. For girls, if you’re having period, tell the guide. Komodo Dragon is independent. They live alone and hunting prey alone. Komodo Dragon will dig many holes when it comes to laying the eggs. Only one hole keeps the egg, while the others are just a manipulation to avoid predator. When the eggs hatched, the baby will climb the trees to protect themselves. The percentage of hatching is 95 percent, but the percentage for the baby to survive is only 15-20 percent.

There were 15 winners of this quiz plus 5 more international winners. I just knew that also held the quiz in Turkey and Philippine ! Seriously, they really did big promotion to Indonesia Tourism ! Glad for that.  I was so surprised with the facilities given to the winners, the hospitality, everything made me speechless. First Hotel was Mercure Hotel in Bali. I thought there will be two persons in a room but you know what, each room for each person. I was more surprised when the coordinator said I could order anything for the lunch in the hotel restaurant. Wow then I thought, this could be only happened once in my life !! I am a traveler but the way I travel is more to backpacking style. I will never choose a hotel and eat in a restaurant to press my budget. This is a real holiday! Winners were treated very nicely by 

My first room in Mercure Hotel. Envy? 😉

Grilled salmon with special Balinese sauce

Saw “Ngaben” Ritual when walking at Kuta Beach

Second day, Fly to Labuan Bajo with Trans Nusa. First time using such a small plane. As a mountain lover, I love when we’re passing Rinjani and Tambora. I kept looking out the window. Man, I wish I could climb Rinjani again and Tambora. One word describing Labuan Bajo. HOT !! It was totally hot !! But no problem, I was in process of darkening or tanning my skin hehe. Without wasting any time, I stood in front of the welcoming board and took photo. We were greeted by ladies and gentlemen wearing traditional cloth. They gave us something like shawl, originally from NTT I think. The new airport was still under construction.

He’s holding (I forgot the name), the function is for filling Tuak

Next, we went to the harbor by bus and directly using speed boat to first island, Rinca Island. Around 45 minutes we reached Rinca Island and did trekking for 2 hours. We were lucky to see three Komodo Dragons were eating a pig.

It’s a world heritage site, proud to be Indonesian =)

Victim of Komodo Dragon, you better watch out

Our guide explaining about Komodo Dragons. anw, there are some tracks you can choose, short, medium or long

Buffalo drinking water

Here they are, eating the poor piggy

It’s cominggg

Are you looking for something, Komodo Dragon?

After having some fun looking and learning about Komodo, we went to Kanawa Island. White sands, cottage, exotic hills which I believe only can be seen in NTB and NTT, wonderful ! Snorkeling time !! My adventurous side suddenly popped out. I separated myself from the group (sorry) seeking for better spot for snorkeling. I found it, indeed !

I love the exotic hills behind

It will be a perfect place for relaxation

hello colorful fish and coral

I felt like in different world, different dimension

Lots of puffy corals wow

To be continued =)

Traveled in 4-7 December 2012