My friends always comment how dark I am since I started to travel. Every picture I post, the same thing they comment, “Oh my God, you are so dark”. Is it wrong to be dark? Even my family always complaining about my skin color. I can understand it is not normal for Asian to get tanned. For Asian, white skin is pretty. Most of them will keep protecting their skin from the sun, afraid getting dark.

Most of them think that black is not beautiful. Sometimes I laughed to myself when some of my friends (Indonesian) complaining their own skin color, trying to find ways to make their skin white. They should love their brown skin. Even white people want to get tanned, to have brownish color. You should’ve proud to have that skin color.
The secret of brown-shiny skin
Yes traveling turns my skin darker, I love it! I love my skin. I apply my tanning oil whenever I go to beach. I prefer tanning oil than sunblock. Why? Because sunblock doesn’t give much affect to your skin. You will get dark or worse, sunburnt unless you use sunblock with 50 SPF, well maybe. The difference is tanning oil makes my skin shines. I understand why white people use tanning oil and how they got that beautiful tanned skin, brown and shiny. The answer is tanning oil. Believe it or not, when I put my arms or legs under the light, my skin will reflect the light. It works, the tanning oil! I got the exotic skin. Black is sexy.

Tips to get perfect tan
If you want to have that brown-shiny skin, there are some tips to make your tan more perfect. Use sunscreen instead of sunblock. Mix sunscreen with tanning oil, and rub it allover your body. Reapply after half hour. Don’t apply tanning oil on your face because it’s more sensitive. When you do activity like snorkeling, choose water resistance sunscreen and reapply it more often. You don’t want to get white stripe on your skin right? So wear as minim as you can. Bikini ! Shy? Sleeveless shirt and short pant count! Apply moisturizer around your nails and lips, eyebrow otherwise it will turn dark as well. Afterward, don’t be lazy to put body lotion everyday to prevent dry skin. I’m sure you’ll have that exotic skin such as Beyonce or Rihanna.
No matter what skin color you have, white, black, or yellow, you are still beautiful just the way you are
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