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Sometimes, it requires big effort just get to the places that we want to. But when we finally reach to the destination and find it beautiful or beyond our expectation, then we feel happy, satisfy, and full, double times more! That’s my exact feeling about Togean Islands. The only thing I regret is, I should’ve stay longer.

I received friends questioning about Togean Islands, mostly on how to get there and I’m pretty sure many of you are looking for the same thing. It takes a long long time to get to the island and there still less information about it. Here I’ll try to summarize on how to get to Togean Islands as well as where to stay.

Togean Islands


Getting to Togean Islands

Togean Islands are located in the middle of Tomini Gulf. Two common routes to get to the islands are via Ampana and Gorontalo.

  1. via Ampana
    The easiest way to get to Ampana is by flying from Palu City. From Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Makassar, catch a flight to Palu then another flight to Ampana. Expected to stay a night in Palu because the flight schedule from Palu to Ampana, operated by Wings Air is currently operated only once in a day at 11.35 a.m. Once you’re in Ampana, you still have to get a boat to Wakai. The boat leaves everyday at 9 a.m. and you will arrive around 2 p.m. (5 hours). The price of the boat is Rp 150.000/person. Recommended hotel for an overnight stay in Ampana is Oasis Hotel.
  2. via Gorontalo
    Take a flight from Jakarta or Surabaya to Gorontalo. Next, head to the ferry terminal which is about an hour. Ferry to Wakai leaves from Gorontalo every Tuesday and Friday at 6 p.m. The ferry ride takes around 12 hours and you will arrive in Wakai on the next morning. The price for the ferry ride is Rp 64.000 for economy class (no AC), Rp 89.000 for business class (with AC), or Rp 500.000 for a cabin, fits for 4 people. Recommended hotel for an overnight stay in Gorontalo is Melati Hotel.
Boat Schedule Togean Islands

Boat Schedule Togean Islands

Once you’re in Wakai, it is easier to get to the islands around. Some resorts can pick you up so it’s better if you arrange your accommodation and your arrival ahead. If you have plenty of time, I strongly encourage you to do the whole Sulawesi Island, or overland from south to north or vice versa instead just flying to Togean Islands. It’s because Togean Islands is located in the middle of Sulawesi and there are so many things to see in Sulawesi. In my opinion, it’s a waste of time if you just do only Togean Islands unless you don’t really have much time.

If you’re planning to do overland. I suggest you to spare 1-2 months, even longer for the whole Sulawesi. If you start from the south, you can fly to Makassar and then do everything by car or bus to Tana Toraja – Tentena – Poso – Ampana – Togean Islands – Gorontalo – Tomohon – Manado – Bunaken, or you can do from the north starting from Manado down to Makassar.


Where to Stay in Togean Islands

A range of typical beach resort with wooden bungalows under the shades of coconut trees and hammock in front of your room spreads in the islands of Togean. Most of the accommodations offer full board package so it is included 3x meals. Electricity is limited in the islands available only from 6 p.m. till midnight.

Map of Togean Islands

The Map of Togean Islands

    1. Fadhila Cottages

(Rp 200.000 – Rp 350.000/person/night)
I spent couple of nights in Fadhila Cottages. It is located in a small island across Katupat Island. I really like the warm ambience of the whole island, that feeling of staying in a quiet, natural, how do I explain this, it feels very down to earth for me. The food here was fantastic with a generous portion, more than enough for everyone. The huts are basic with mosquito net and hammock and expect to see bees, lizards, and spiders in your room. The only thing that can be improved is the cleanliness of the room, overall it was satisfying.

Hammock in Katupat Islands

Hammock in Katupat Island Togean

    1. Kadidiri Paradise

(Rp 200.000 – Rp 450.000/person/night)
I also had a chance to stay in Kadidiri Paradise which is located in Kadidiri Island, not far from the jellyfish lake. The resort is fancier with facilities such as canoe, volleyball net, and a hut on the pier for relaxing area. The beach is not that impressive, and the food was okay at that time. I would give an A for the cleanliness of the room.

Kadidiri Paradise Resort

    1. Bahia Tomini Eco Resort

(Rp 350.000 – Rp 500.000/person/night)
Located in Malenge Island, Bahia Tomini Eco Resort is my favorite place so far! I didn’t stay here but soon when I saw this place, I fell in love and would love to come back and stay in this resort. There are only 4 bungalows here and all of them are facing straight to the sea. Perfect white sand beach and attractive design of the bungalows, I wouldn’t mind spending time in this super laid-back island.

Bahia Tomini Eco Togean Islands

Room at Bahia Tomini Eco Resort

Bahia Tomini Eco Resort

Bahia Tomini Resort

  1. Other options:
  2. For budget option you can go to Sunset Beach, 20 minutes by boat from Wakai. Price per person per night is Rp 175.000 including three-times meal in low season and Rp 200.000 on high season.For a unique experience staying in bamboo bungalows then Lia Beach in Waleakodi Island offer secluded and quiet stay with only two bungalows available. Price per person per night is Rp 350.000.If your main objective to come to Togean Islands is scuba dive, then you can choose to stay either in Sanctum Dive Resort in Una Una Island or Black Marlin Dive Resort in Kadidiri Island. Both dive resorts emphasize on diving experience, you go check their website for accommodation and diving packages offered. Another option is Araya Dive Resort which is the nearest dive center if you wish to dive in Pasir Tengah and Goa Goa.


Other Travel Information

Boat excursions for snorkeling trip (from Fadhila Cottage)

  1. Reef Satu – Hotel California – Karina Beach – Jellyfish Lake – Mangrove Trail: Rp 425.000 (6-8 ppl)
  2. Taipi Island – Karina Beach – Jellyfish Lake – Mangrove Trail: Rp 425.000 (6-8 ppl)
  3. Hotel California – Reef Dua – Atoll – Malenge Beach: Rp 475.000 (6 ppl)
  4. Reef Satu – Reef Dua – Atoll – Malenge’s Jetty: Rp 525.000 (6 ppl)
  5. Kabalutan Village – Talawenga Island: Rp 525.000 (6-8 ppl)
  6. Mas, snorkel, and fin rental: Rp 50.000/day

Recommended dive sites around Togean Islands

  1. The Pinaccle-Una Una: Large rock pinnacle with wall dropping off to 60 meters with variations of sponge corals.
  2. Apollo-Una Una:  High possibility to see a school of Blackfin Barracuda.
  3. Pasir Tengah: a three kilometer wide coral atoll adorned with colorful corals and nudibranchs.
  4. B24 Bomber Wreck: 17m long by 22m wide wreck lies under the sea still in a good shape.
  5. Batu Gila: Where you can see reef sharks, manta rays, and barracuda.
  6. Goa Goa:Dive through tunnels for amazing corals with good visibility.
Dive Site Togean

Diving Site at Togean Island (Source)

If you have questions or information regarding anything about Togean Islands, do let me know.

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Traveled in 29 April – 4 May 2017
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