70, even my grandparents are older than the independence age of my country, Indonesia. My country has struggle through so much sweet and bitter pain, to keep the sovereignty from threats outside and inside of the country. 70 years after Indonesian strong warriors, bravely fought against colonialists.

From Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, to Japanese, since 16th century stole our opulence and enslaved our people. Finally, on August 17th, 1945, we declared ourselves as an independent country and took back full control and authority on our own country.

Obviously, it wasn’t easy to start shaping a huge country with population more than 200 million people. Decision about country’s system, legislation, administration, and law were all structured to fit our values, norms, and cultures, thus, we chose to be a republic country with democratic system.

In 1966, my country grew stronger and transformed, accelerating the economic growth in conjunction with infrastructure development, as well focusing on agriculture sector. Government also undertook in improving people’s welfare through some programs such as providing basic needs, supplying nutrition, health care, education, clean water, and simple housing.

However, the biggest crisis stroke Indonesia in 1998 worsened by the corruption practice which happened during the regime. The currency fell to it’s lowest point, inflation, bloody demonstration, 1998 was a tragedy, a nightmare that we could all never forget.

Slow but sure, we tried to rise up and revive from the devastated tragedy. There was no major improvement in country’s development but there was one important change that made us, even stronger than before. It was the presence of human rights protection. We now have freedom to express opinion, equality between majority and minority, and the feeling of secure. Moreover, patriotic individuals were born and contribute in different ways.

Now after 70 years, my country hasn’t turned into a stable country yet in terms of many aspects. We are still fighting, not against colonialism but against corruption, injustice, poverty, and folly. Still a long long way to go, I know, but I believe, 70th will be the turning point into a mature and better Indonesia,

Happy 70th Independence day, Indonesia. I love you, and I’m proud to be a part of you, always.