Hello 2014, Thanks 2013

I still couldn’t believe that 2013 had passed so quickly. Lots of sweet and bitter memories prettified my journey and my life. It’s been such an incredible year, one of my post productive year (in terms of traveling).

Being able to complete my personal mission in 2013 was a great achievement for me.

In 2012, I’ve determined to complete my journey in Indonesia, focusing on the eastern part like Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua.

My first step at that time, was buying a one way ticket to Makassar and stayed there for few months.

I’ve never been to Makassar before, and I had no relatives there.

Lucky me, I met some nice people who now become my best friends. I learned a lot from them. if you read my previous posting especially in Sulawesi part, you’ll know what I mean.

Then another big challenge, preparing myself to travel to Maluku and Papua.

Traveling to eastern part is not cheap.

Minim facilities and transportation lead to the crazy price of flights.

I had to earn some extra money and save a lot.

Finally, my dreams come true. I’m so relieved after I achieved my goals.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank God for everything, and to everybody who helped me through this year.

Families, friends, hosts, travel mates, even strangers I met during my journey. May God bless you all.

In this new happy year, 2014, I’ve set up some plans and personal goals.

Many people made their own resolutions for 2014, so did I. Here are my resolutions in 2014:


After three years in the university, finally now I’m so close to the end of this phase.

I’m working on my dissertation now, and hopefully I can finish it and graduate on time. Wish me luck!

Updating my Blog

I encourage myself to update my blog more often. I’ve done my first step by changing the templates.

Now I have new design for my blog. Is it nice? Unfortunately, I still have two pending posts in 2013, I have to work hard on it.

Traveling to South East Asia

My next mission will be traveling to South East Asia. I had all tickets needed on my hand, of course I got the cheapest promotion fare.

First country will be Philippines in February.

Then Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Kinabalu, Brunei. I had my ticket to India and Nepal as well ! So excited, can’t wait for new adventures.

Learn Cooking

If my friends knew about this I’m sure they will laugh on me haha.

It’s kindda absurd because I am known as a girl who never done any housework, I’m a bad cook.

I didn’t know what changed my mind but I really want to learn cooking.

Cooking is fun, more importantly food does have the power to make people happy. Good reason, huh?

Learn Photography

What do you think about my photos so far? Even though many people say I had good photos but there’s something missing.

My photos are too simple, too plain.

I need to learn some techniques in photography to produce better pictures.

Base on that reason, I will learn photography to serve better picture, to be a motivation for you to travel.


I’m not sure I can do this in 2014, but I really want to try volunteering. It will be my first time, and it will be a personal satisfaction for me if I volunteer, helping people who need it.

Doesn’t matter related in environment conservation or humanity, I really want to involve, blending in society, and empower those people in the way I could.

Please let me know if you have any information about it, I appreciate it so much.

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That’s a short list of my resolutions in 2014. Another challenge for me to achieve better version of me. Hopefully, it’s won’t only be words but I can turn them to reality. What’s yours?




4 responses to “Hello 2014, Thanks 2013”

  1. Firsta DYI Avatar

    Hi Vel,

    Wow new year resolution. It made me realize that I haven't prepared anything. 🙂
    Congratulations on the new theme! It looks fresh and clean. Wishing you the very best for your future adventure! Keep the posts coming 😉

  2. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hello Firsta,

    Hahaa..Surely you have plans already where to go in 2014. Thanks alot, ya just want to make it simple and clean. You too. Thanks alot =)

  3. Meidiana Kusuma Avatar

    cool 🙂
    when will you go to India and Nepal?

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