Planning a trip is a crucial thing to do so do planning the things that you will bring upon your trip. Preparation is important in order to make you trip enjoyable and reducing possibilities of unwanted situation because you didn’t bring a particular thing. Here are some stuffs that for me is important to bring.

 1. Ipod / music player
without this, I might die because of boring. If I heard music, no matter how long my journey, especially when having transportation from a city to other city, ipod is very important to me

2. Map
Map is really helpful to reach any destination. It’s very important to have map because you never been there before and need guide which is your map. Map can be taken in airport, or hotel.

3. Belongings
Such as bag, clothes. You need to plan how many clothes you want to bring. Better not too much, depends on how many days you will go for traveling. I usually bring pants and shirts which are light enough to bring. And also don’t forget your mini toothbrush, shampoo, soap, it’s not necessary because you can buy it.

4. Camera
Very important for me ! To take all the memories in our destination. I prefer small pocket camera because it’s easier to bring rather than SLR

5. Sunblock and sunglasses
I think because I have small eyes if it’s very sunny and i want to take pictures, it will be better for me to war sunglasses because I will look ugly with that very very small eyes haha..and also sunblock because i want to have a good black skin not burnt skin hoho..

6. Medicine
I have never been sick when traveling but i think medicine’s pretty important. who knows you got sick and you need medicine.

7. Identity such as passport or KTP

8. Dictionary (optional) I never brought it.

9. Credit/Debit card (in case I ran out of money )

It’s my version, so what’s ur version? Just remember to bring comfortable and things that u really needed =)