Lately, I’ve been working for the past two months in order to fill my spare time before graduation, yes finally I’m graduating soon on May. I did find a job to earn money for my next travel and now I quit, that’s why I never post any instagram activity so did my blog for the past two months. I wanted to share a very memorable experience about a youth exchange program that I joined from 19-25 April 2014. Thanks to my friend, Angki who introduced me to this super exciting program.
Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara (PPAN), or we called Indonesia Youth Exchange Program is established for the first in 1974. Up until 2014, there are six major programs which are:
        1. Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program (ICYEP)
        2. Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP)
        3. Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)
        4. Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program (IMYEP)
        5. China-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (ChIYEP)
        6. Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSYEAP)
This program is very suitable for youth with a range age from 18-20 years old who interested in social activity and cultural activity. The most interesting part is candidate can travel and enjoy the program for free. But it’s not easy to be the candidate, you have to face the competition between other participants who also really want to join the program. But once you become the delegation, you will be over the top proud of yourself since you representing your regional and country. Stumble through your own regional page to find the information about the detail.

Top 50 written test


That’s the brief explanation about the program and now I’m gonna share more about my personal experience. I got a very short time completing all the documents needed, writing the essay and recording a video of myself. I have to participate in Riau Regional as I am a citizen from Riau though I stay in Jakarta right now. I have to trouble my mom to fill the documents and submit them. I was shocked that I continued to next step which was selection process but I had to go back soon to Pekanbaru after a day I submitted the documents. I was frantic at that time but I decided to fly back to Pekanbaru despite all the important stuffs I should organize in Jakarta.
I made it to top 20
I went through three days of selection including psycho test, written test, interview, and art performance. From 50 participants, only 20 persons went through quarantine program and I was one of them. Quarantine was fun but it really really drained my energy. 8 morning until 11 at night for three days, so frustrating.  We did institutional visit, panti jompo (nursing home) visit, fun games. Thanks to that I lost my weight, more importantly I got closer with other 19 participants. Frankly, short relationship doesn’t work for me, I mean I normally don’t expect a friendly and close relationship when I know someone like just in days or a week. Apparently this program had successfully create such a strong bond between the participants. The laughter we shared, the stress, the tiredness, even tears, every single moment made us into one solid family. The sense of competition completely disappeared from my mind. I just wanted them to be happy and get the best out in their life.

Cultural performance
Lining up
Our handmade with recycled stuff

It was such a bless


Even though I didn’t make it to Canada, I’m pretty satisfied with the result as the first runner up of SSYEAP. No regrets at all. I’m truly inspired by every single personality of all 19 participants. They are all smart, though, brave, young, and care about society. From the bottom of my heart it was a bless knowing them, they got their own uniqueness. Thanks alot to Stevani, Agung, Redha, Reno, Robi, Robby, Tari, Sri, Mutia, Dewi, Rica, Yudhi, Aan, Tantin, Saidil, Chaca, Lika, Ridho, Danny, and thanks for all the committee who worked hard for this.

So, if you’re a youth, love to travel,  craving for new experience, interested in social and culture activity, come and join this program. Simply stumble to your regional website by clicking pcmi and your regional name. Good luck!

*Photos taken from the committee, thanks alot!