I was wondering why the name of this island is Pulau Harapan or in english called Island of Hope. Then I, myself made a conclusion. This island will someday become hope for people, and island of hope for no more destruction to sea, to corals. (just a perspective of mine hehe)

Pulau Harapan is one of the island inside Kepulauan Seribu or thousand islands. If you heard thousand islands I bet you will think of Tidung Island. But actually it’s not only Tidung. There are 342 islands forming thousand islands. Thousand Islands is one of the nearest islands from Jakarta. No wonder it becomes a favorite destination for Jakartans to spend their weekend in Thousand Islands. Some of popular islands: Tidung, Bidadari, Macan, Pramuka, Semak Daun, Bira, Kayu Angin, Papa Theo, Pari, etc. Harapan Island itself is located a little bit north. Inhabitants live there and most of them work as fisherman. Don’t expect to much on this island. This island is just our place to stay, but no beautiful beach and you can’t swim here. We have to do hopping islands to see beautiful coral. I was amazed by pretty undamaged corals. The visibility is not bad. Before I thought it’s near Jakarta so the corals won’t be really beautiful, but I was wrong. Enjoy the photos. If you need help or guide contact Pak Ilham 081807833620/081319039297

If you’re craving for white sandy beach. Don’t worry ! It’s here..

Before we went back to Jakarta, I went to Elang Bondol conservation, I don’t know if this is right in english Scaly-Breasted Eagle. It is a symbol of trans-Jakarta. The eagles here are having rehabilitation. They were taken from illegal hunters. Some of the eagles’ wing were broken by the owners. Poor them. Be careful, they can’t fly but they hate human so bad because of what happened to them. They can attack you. You will have new knowledge about Elang Bondol if you visit this place. The guide told us that Elang Bondol is a loyal bird. If one of them died, they won’t find another couple. It can become a symbol for marriage hehe.