Jakarta Highland Gathering is an annual event held to show some cultures, especially scottish. Their tagline this year “A Scottish Tradition for the International Community”. What can we see? Games, dances, bazaars, and so many else. It’s held in Imperial Golf Club, from morning till dawn. I was one of the volunteers in this event, not very busy and tiring, and I got privilege to watch the show for free. The tiring part was when, one
day before we had briefing, I needed to go early morning from cikarang to karawaci. Actually I was planning to stay there for a night in my friend’s place. Great thing is I didnt charged my camera because I think the battery was full, and I didn’t bring the charger. I tried to find the charger in shopping mall, but it’s expensive -,-. So I took bus back to Cikarang, next morning went to Karawaci again..huft..so careless. If you want to know more about what is Jakarta Highland Gathering, you better check the website. Here, I just wanna share some of the pictures. It’s my first time taking pictures of an activity, and the object is people. Usually I just take my pics, or the landscape of nature, but now I’m trying to focus on the people. With my small pocket camera, Sony Tx-5, finally I could capture some pictures, I think still amateur hehe. But, I felt something interesting taking people as the object. It’s a lil bit difficult especially the dances, because they keep moving. Finding right angle, right facial expression, and right movement are very difficult. And when I got a good pics, I felt very excited. Maybe here, I only post some of the pictures and also you can see some cultural side here.

 Bread from Scotland
 Small pouch worn by the Scottish. Unique
 They had events for children, they are taught to play football. Seems fun.
 Pipes and drums performance
 Gatot Kaca is posing. They’re promoting Gatot Kaca’s Drama
 Practicing pipes competition
 Playing pipes in front of judge
 Isn’t she cute? She’s coloring Doraemon’s picture. I like this photo 
 One of my favorite. This kid is the youngest pipes player. Cute
 I like this girl dancing full of spirit and big smile on her face
 Zumba dance by Junko Group. Look at the accessories !
 Belly dance
 Scottish Country Dance
 Hammer throw succeed
 how heavy is it? look at his face!
 Beautiful Sundanese Dance
 Balinese Dance. I Like the outfit

 They really look like Merak 
 Sumatran Zapin Dance
 Chinese Lantern Dance
 Axe challenge. He’s the winner. 
 Interesting carrier by deuter. For baby !
 Oww…He’s tired already. Come take a rest
 He’s leading the parade. Majorette?
 The parade has begun
 All pipes and drums participants. They came from Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong. No Indonesia?
 Tall clown, nice pose
 Keith Martin’s performing
 My favorite dance ! Snake dance, her body is flexible.
 Like a snake, elegant but killer
 Hawaiian Dance, she’s very cute with that pose

 Caber toss. OMG it’s so fun ! needs 5 normal guy to lift it up. This guy was awesome !
 Final show, burning the boat
 Fireworks, best I’ve seen in Indonesia

See ya in Jakarta Highland 2013 =)

Traveled in 27 May 2012