Rammang Rammang South Sulawesi

Rammang Rammang: The Largest Karst in Indonesia

Dreaming of living in a calm place with amazing nature surrounded you?

Get bored of city life where traffic jams everywhere, busy life, and pollution?

I believe everybody have ever felt this kind of boredom. Want to getaway to not so far place, enjoying life and nature, not worrying about life, job, anything?

I have one favorite place of mine in Makassar where I spend my weekend relaxing my life.

Not too far from Makassar city, here lays a beautiful nature, a perfect place for relaxing.

Exactly located in Maros, 2 hours ride from Makassar city. You may know Bantimurung or Leang-Leang Cave, but do you know about Rammang Rammang?

Location is not so far but this place is not touristic (probably now, I’m not sure few years later).

This area known as Karst Pangkep is the second largest karst area in the world, after karst area in China. Feel the sensation of taking boat across the river, with all the huge limestone hills around.

I bet you’ll be amazed.

The area called “Stone Park” is the perfect place for you who likes climbing.

Not only that, there are so many caves which can be explored. For photography maniac, you can find objects especially what I realized here is the uniqueness of the dragonfly.

There are many beautiful colors dragonfly such as red, yellow, blue, and some have 4 wings.

If you want to just relax and have fun, feel the wind and beautiful green rice field in Rammang Rammang.

River at Rammang Rammang
Crossing the river at rammang rammang

How to Get Rammang Rammang

It’s easier for you to go by motorbikes or car. For public transportation you can take Pete-Pete from the city to Mandai, or if you start from airport, take pete-pete to Pangkep (Rp 5,000).

Ask the driver to drop you in the junction of Bosowa factory.

Here you either walk to the peer, take another pete-pete, or ojek (about 1 km).

Renting boat is Rp 150,000-200,000 (october 2013) can fit up to 10 person. Here’s the number 085397822191. Enjoy =)

Karst at Rammang Rammang Maros
The stone park at Rammang Rammang


Traveled in 22 May 2013
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5 responses to “Rammang Rammang: The Largest Karst in Indonesia”

  1. turiscantik.com Avatar

    what? this heaven in sumatera? oh gosh must go there someday.

  2. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    It's in Sulawesi my dear =)

  3. DebbZie Leksono Avatar

    a heaven on earth 🙂
    I've read some articles about Rammang Rammang and I'd really love to visit it one day

  4. cunicandrika.com Avatar

    velyz, rammang-rammang ini sejalan sama enrekang ga sih? bisa ga kalo sekalian ke sana? thank you 🙂

  5. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Rammang-rammang dekat kok dengan taman nasional bantimurung, daerah Maros sana. Enrekang masih jauh lagi keatas hehe. Tapi dari bandara bisa mampir dulu ke rammang2 🙂

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