Life Update: May 2020

Here we are, first day of month May. Today I’m writing this post just to keep an update of my life. We all agree that 2020 is a tough year for us. This whole situation with Covid-19 is just too much for us to handle. Social distancing, staying at home, all plans cancelled. I just hope that we all stay safe and are able to get through this pandemic.

My life in 2020

I’m now trying to remember what I did during the new year’s eve. You know, it’s a bit hard for me to recall things in the past. Ah, got it. I spent my new year’s eve in Chengdu eating pizza and drinking shots in a bar with friends of my boyfriend. It was a fun night.

First day of 2020. I like to start new year with a new resolution, well, at least I’m motivated to be better. So, I started to make a routine for myself to perform good habits such as working out, studying, etc. It went well actually for the half month of January.

Then it’s holiday time. I went back to my hometown, Indonesia to spend Chinese New Year. It’s like an annual ritual that I must do. My boyfriend came along and we had nice holiday in Bali.

I was supposed to go back to China in mid February. But the whole things changed. China closed its border, the virus were spreading. The situation just getting worse and worse.

I followed my boyfriend to Singapore. Still now, I’m writing this from Singapore. In the beginning, the situation here was still pretty mild. People were allowed to go outside, no restriction whatsoever. However, in April, the government started to impose “circuit breaker”. Sort of a semi-lockdown.

The shops, entertainments shut down. You can only go out to do groceries. Companies were urged to send their staffs to work from home. Myself? I’m pretty stuck basically in my apartment.

Trying to be more productive in my own ways

It’s not easy for sure to have yourself locked and restricted in the same space. We used to hang out with friends, do whatever we want outside, but due to Covid-19 we need to isolate ourselves.

I try to keep myself busy, try to enjoy my time at home. I was lucky to have my boyfriend around. Can’t imagine if I have to be alone. I set up my own rough schedule on what I wanna do.

Well, generally I think I’ve done pretty good job (complimenting myself, huh). I’ve been abandoning this blog for months and since I’m stuck at home, probably I should treat my blog better.

 I have time to learn stuffs about blogging, re-update my old blog post, improve SEO. I also create a new travel blog in Indonesian language.

The curve of my page visitor is going down lately since my blog is about traveling and obviously people don’t search any information about traveling right now.

I feel productive anyway doing stuffs on my blog. Hopefully when the pandemic is over, my blog can grow even better.

Some other things that I’m currently doing is pretty much working out, colouring, learning Chinese, and watching some series. I have this online workout session with some friends.

Also this thing where you can just put the paint based on the colour numbers on the canvas, it’s good to kill time.

Another positive thing is I’m eating healthier, taking care of myself better. And yeahh, just trying to enjoy everything. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here in Singapore cause I’m supposed to go back to China.

Especially, this is my last semester and I should be graduating soon. Things are uncertain now. Let’s see what’s gonna happen. Stay safe all!


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