First impression when I almost landed in Makassar was the beautiful night view of the city with the lamps. It was different with another big city such as Jakarta. The lights forming an octagon shape followed by the line of lights from each angle to the center. The city must be very well-organized, that’s what I thought.

The city before was called Ujung Pandang. Located in the South of the Celebes Island, and also in the center of Indonesia was once become the busiest city in Indonesia. Makassar was a trading point in Eastern Indonesia. No wonder the city has a strong history influence for Indonesia.
Traveling in the city is an exciting things to do. Some historical places and exquisite nature compose a perfect harmony. Strong culture still exist here which can’t be found in other part of the world. Not forget to mention the tempting culinary dishes that makes your tongue dance.
Fort Rotterdam
Fort Rotterdam was built by Dutch and became the center of colonial power. You can find La-Galigo Museum where you can go back to the past and learn the history of Makassar. Entrance fee for domestic visitors is Rp 5,000 and for foreigners Rp 15,000. In Sunday, there will be some kids learning drama, sometimes you can find people with special interest gathering around. It will be normal when some youngsters come and try to talk with you. They are learning and practicing their English. You can find the prison of Prince Diponegoro who was a famous Indonesian hero.
p.s. you may pay how much you want for the entrance fee, sincerly

Losari Beach
I didn’t see any beach when I came to Losari for the first time. Yes you can see the sea but still it’s not a beach. Losari has become the city trademark. Don’t forget to take pictures with the words. There is a “floating mosque” actually it’s not floating. You can climb up and see sunset from the mosque.

Akarena Beach
This is real beach. although the sand is not white, at least there are sands, and also waves. I love this place. It’s a very relaxing place to rest and see the sunset. I would say that Akarena is not a touristic place. It is more into locals getaway, relaxing and dating beside the beach.

Paotere Harbor
This place is where you can see Phinisi Boat. I love this place. A nice place to take photos. The twilight scenery when the sun goes down is so beautiful. People here still using this phinisi boat and sail to other islands such as Flores to send or trade stuffs and logistics.
p.s. entrance fee for domestic Rp 2000, international Rp 5000

Dawn in Paotere
Beautiful Phinisi Boat
Pushing the boat. All the boat lines up very close to each other

There are still some places such as Benteng Somba Opu, Hassanudin’s Grave, and Balla Lompoa, but I’m not actually a big fan of history.
Hassanudin Airport-City (Damri Bus) : Rp 15,000
Around city, the blue mini car called pete pete costed Rp 3,000
Becak and Becak Motor (rickshaw) bargain
Famous food
Coto Makassar, Pallubasa, Konro, Pisang Epe, Saraba, Es Pisang Ijo, Es Palubutung
Plenty hotels in Makassar in range Rp 150,000-Rp 500,000. You can easily find it through Agoda. But as people usually talk about is a cheap hostel called Jampea Hostel, located in China Town. I’m not so sure about the price but I heard it’s below Rp 100,000.
Traveled in February 2013
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