Mount Ciremai: Lost for first the time

Ciremai (3.078 m), tallest mountain in West Java. Many people said that Ciremai is one of the hardest mountain in Indonesia. I don’t know why but i enjoyed hiking this mountain hehe. Maybe because there is no water spring so we need to bring more water. Actually I enjoyed the track so much, I prefer climbing in the roots rather than walk ascending.

So we started from Cikarang, using car with my friends. But these fellas are to slow, relax (ko acong and friends). They departed from Jakarta, appointment on Friday 8 June 9 p.m., but they fetch us at 12 a.m. Bang Coco, Bang Amin and I waited for 3 hours. That night, it was raining. I felt sad because I dont wanna hike on rainy days, but thanks God, Ciremai was so bright and sunny ! Our journey was not as clear as we thought. Traffic Jam..First because of roadwork, second, truck accident. We arrived basecamp at 10 a.m. Another team had waited in basecamp. 12 p.m. we started to hike. Ko Acong and friends had their luch first so we hiked without them. There were 11 people overall without Ko Acong’s team.

We hiked through Linggasana route.There are some posts, Kikuwu, Kondang Amis, Kuburan Kuda, Pangalap, Tanjakan Bingbin, Tanjakan Saruni, Bapa Tere, Batu Lingga, Sanggabuana 1, Sangga buana2, then the peak. I’ve lost my notes about the timeline we had, but around 5 p.m. we had our camp at Pangalap. So the track from the first time is ascending, not really difficult. We passed small path with dense plant or crop. We started to climb in Kondang Amis. We had rest..

Foggy forest
Wake uppp !!!!! 1 a.m., left all of our utilities, then continue our walk. Brought some food and water..We started climbing..It’s quite tiring, but I love it ! Hehe…All the climbs, Bingbin, Saruni, Bapa Tere. I was thinking, ok I can, and I like climbing, but how will I go down later? And yahh..I had hard time to go down. Climbing, I’m the first in the front, but went down, I was the last. I had problems with this kind of track to go down. 5 a.m. The sun was showing up, but we hadnt reach summit yet. We hadnt reach Pengasinan too, but luckily we got great spot to watch sunrise
 What mountain is it? I forgot
 Yay! I see the sunrise!
Beautiful Sunrise

Ciremai’s crater

Magnificent Clouds
 Never forget to bring Indonesia flag =)
God’s painting the sky. Soo beautiful
My Team

Narcissistic is important ! Bang Coco’s quote 90% taking picture, 10% enjoy climbing hahhaa…We went down, and went back to basecamp. It was dark, around 7 p.m. and yes ! we almost lost for 2 times, and finally real lost on the third time hahaa…So we took wrong path, ended up in another village. Luckily Bang Coco’s phone was on, got signal, then he tried to contact basecamp, and finally they came to fetch us. And also thanks to Ko Acong for worrying me until he didnt go back to Jakarta with his friends. 

Thanks God for creating this amazing nature ! Thanks we had a safe journey..=)

Hiked on 9-10 June 2012


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  1. Muhammad Fieraldy Avatar

    You're so amazing, Velysia Zhang! Get it up! Dont forget to visitting another mountains in Indonesia. And, Happy Mountaineering! 🙂

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