Hiking is always become my hobby since I started to join my hiking organization in my campus. I would say that I am really addicted to mountain. I miss mountain so much even I just hiked few weeks ago. I got a message from Bang Coco, I met him in the previous hiking event to Mount Merbabu, and until now, I always hike with him. He has become a good partner of mine. He text me a message saying that he would visit
Mount Prau in Wonosobo. Without any hesitation I said ” I’m in !”  Before, I had a chance to visit Dieng Plateau, and I was completely blown away by its beauty. I love all the green scenery, the craters, the lake, not forget to mention mie ongklok !  At that time, I stated my mind to come to this wonderful place again.

Meeting point was at Sinar Jaya bus station at Cibitung. I went with 3 of my friends from Cibitung (Bang Coco, Bang Amin, Echa, and Litha). It was Hari Raya so we had to struggle getting the bus because of the tradition called “mudik” (going back to hometown). Usually ticket are bought in the counter, but this time all of us had to compete to get into the bus. First in first seat. After waiting for 3 hours, finally we got into the bus although two of my friends did not get seats. It was soo crowded. Ten hours had passed. We arrived at the bus station in Wonosobo around 4 a.m. We were fetched by our friend Bang Cacing. He accompanied me and Bang Coco to Mount Sindoro before. Had a rest, then off to Dieng Plateau.

Mount Perahu or Prahu or Prau (different people will say it differently) is located in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java. Mount Prau is 2565 meters above sea level. Perahu means boat. And you can guess why it is called Perahu. Yep ! The shape of the mountain looks like a boat. It is quiet easy to reach there. Take the bus to Dieng Plateau and stop at Patak Banteng (Bulls Egg). Tell the driver and he surely know where it is. I know what is on your mind right now. Hiking?? can I do it? It’s so tiring. Don’t worry. There are several tracks. You choose. 3 hours, one and a half hour? Relax and enjoy trekking up until the peak.

I had plenty of new friends coming along. Most of them are friends of Bang Cacing, also same community with him. We did fun camping and stayed for a night. It was a new experience for me, dancing reggae music with them, under a beautiful full moon and stars above.

Next morning, compulsory things to do when you’re in a mountain. Sunrise ! We woke up early and taraaa the sun cae out from her sleep to shine our beautiful world. It is a sign for people to get up from their sweet dreams and start their activities. Sunrise is like bringing new day, new hope for everyone. I was worrying if we could have clear sky and clear sunrise becaue it’s rainy season but thanks God, perfect weather till we could feel the beautiful sun. Sindoro Mount standing valiantly followed on its back, Mount Sumbing. We could see another two mountains, Mount Merbabu and Merapi. At the back of the hills, we could see whole Dieng plateau with its beautiful terracing rice field and Mount Slamet. Again, I was amazed with your creation, God. Thanks for all my friends! So much fun, I really had a great time. P.S Don’t forget to taste Mie Ongklok =)

Sinar Jaya Bus: 65k-85k (one way)
Bus to basecamp: 7k (one way)

More info: CP Bang Cacing (087834033082)

My team, I was surprised with the numbers.

View of the village covering with the fog. Mystic !

Hills around Dieng Plateau

I learned new dance, reggae dance !

Yay ! The sun’s showing up her light

Hello world !

Sindoro and Sumbing on the back side, the people look small because the mountain is big

Guess, which one Merapi, which one Merbabu =)

Dieng Plateau Area. It’s Telaga Warna

Mount Slamet, highest volcano in Central Java

Traveled in 26-28 October 2012