Visiting to Philippines any soon? Make sure that you visit one of the beautiful islands in Coron. Other than snorkeling and hopping island, you can also hike Mount Tapyas.

Coron, The Gate to Mount Tapyas

My next destination in Philippines was Coron, a small town with glorious landscape, itching my hand to press my camera shutter. My plane from Manila to Busuanga landed earlier than the scheduled time. A group of black-dressed musicians hitting the drum, welcoming all passengers at the arrival door. First time I saw this kind of entertainment in an airport.

Apparently it was not just me dazzled by the entertainment, but most of the passengers. Even the tourists who were about to fly trying to capture this unique moment, yes it is a small airport where the waiting room was just next to the arrival door. I dashed into the exit door since I brought no baggage with me. I jumped into a van, the only public transportation from airport to the town.

sunset on coron town

Coron City, the city where I headed to was still thirty minutes drive from Francisco B. Reyes Airport. The van moved slowly along the small road in the middle of huge lawn. Only cattle eating grass could be seen along the way, as well as the stunning hills formation. I arrived at this not so modern city, looks like just a small fishing village, but I like this kind of place, far from modernity.

I stayed for few days, relaxing in my room. It’s easy to move around the city by foot. I visited the public market selling cheap food streets. Few meters from the busy market, that’s where the calm sea is spotted. There is no beach near the city but this place, so called park is a perfect place to relax and watch the sunset.

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To the Top of Mount Tapyas with Amazing View Awaits

Another favorite place of mine would be Mount Tapyas. Actually it looks more like a hill than a mountain. It is easily accessible just by walking, the sign board is clear directed me to the top of Mount Tapyas. I climbed each of the steps to the top. About 15-20 minutes, I found myself on the second highest peak in Coron City. Just a right time for me when the sun started to set down. The view from the deck was breathtaking, I could see the one and only limestone rock formation from a distance.

view from mount tapyas
View of Coron from the top of mountain

There should be a giant cross on the top of Mount Tapyas, unfortunately it was blown by the typhoon. Although the impact was not as devastated as Tacloban, still there were some damages in the city. Many homestays were still rebuilding their place when I went there.

I enjoyed the yellowish grass colour embellishing the look of Mount Tapyas. A path leading me to a small simple hut where I could relax my feet after a short hike, somehow it stiffen my feet. After taking a lot of pictures, too much pictures I think, I relaxed myself and capturing the sunset with my camera again. I felt like all my burden and problems were lifted from my shoulder, though I had none of them, haha. It’s just the place and the view really settled me in a real comfort.


view of Mount Tapyas
Yellowish grass at Mount Tapyas
sunset in coron
Beautiful sunset from the top

How to Get to Coron

Cebu Pacific flies to Busuanga everyday. From Busuanga Airport, take the van to the city (PHP 150). Some hotels/resorts offer pick up services.If you’re leaving from El Nido, a bangka boat will crossing you to Coron. It takes 6-8 hours, depends on the wave.It might be a challenging journey where you have to sit in a crammed narrow boat (PHP 1800).

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Where to Stay in Coron

Cheapest in town will be Sea Breeze Lodge with a single room for only PHP 250 and double room for PHP 400. The longer you stay, the cheaper you get. For me, it was an okay place, no problems at all but you have to watch your belonging more, plus the wifi is not really working in the room.

The second hostel I recommend is Coron Backpacker Guesthouse, a place where you can meet fellow travelers. This place is clean and neat, they even let us to use the kitchen. The room starts from PHP 500/night. One thing I don’t really like about this place is about the noise shich can be easily heard during the night. The wall is too sheer I guess. There are many accommodations in Coron including the exclusive resort in separated island.


Traveled in 13-18 February 2014

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