Spent my weekend with cultural journey is not a bad idea. I chose Baduy because it’s near to Jakarta, 2 hours by train to RangkasBitung then continued to Cibolegar by mini bus for an hour. Baduy tribe is divided into two, Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam. Baduy Dalam is more primitive and introvert to outsiders. Not to the people actually, but they are not opened to other culture, and also the modernity right now. They don’t
use electricity, technology, car, they only use anything that can be used from nature. 5 hours trekking needed to reach Cibeo, village in Baduy Dalam. The people are nice and friendly. Too bad taking picture is not allowed in Baduy Dalam. We stayed a night in Cibeo before went back to Cibolegar on the next day. One unique thing is the people have their marriage in a very young age. I met a guy, same age as me 20 years old, but he had a child already. Baduy people are not allowed to use any transportation. They can go to Jakarta but they must use their foot, not any transportation. They said they could spend one day and one night to reach Jakarta. Wow ! Thanks Mas Lambry as our guide (contact person : 0857780008012), and thanks for all who participated.

Train Tanah Abang-Rankas Bitung : 2000
Angkot Rangkas Station-Elf station : 3000/person
Elf to Cibolegar : 20,000/person
Guide: 250,000(sincerely)
Tips for host : 100,000 (sincerely)

Traveled in 6-7 October 2012