There is no doubt that the Singapore is a highly developed country and has an important  role not only in the South East Asia Region but also globally.

The city-state is known for its strong  economy, high GDP ratio, and its political stability.

Tourism  also plays a big role in Singapore, where tourists flock from around the world to enjoy leisure and the convenience in this metropolitan environment.

As a developed nation, the country offers opportunities in many ways.

Whether it’s for seeking employment or pursuing studies, Singapore offers a multitude of opportunities for all.

The living standard is considered high, perhaps one of the best in Asia.

The country is home to top universities in the world, such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

There are plenty of job  opportunities offering high salaries in various industries such as finance and investment, technology, service, and many other sectors.

Living in Singapore is also relatively convenient and comfortable, from public transportation, healthcare, to housing.

It is a melting pot of different backgrounds and cultures, therefore the people are more open-minded and tolerant of other cultures and ethnicities.

Additionally, there is a wide selection of cuisines, and most importantly, the weather is nice all year round.

It’s like a dream living in the little red dot, isn’t it?

Even in my own circle, I have many friends who studied in Singapore and ended up continuing their career, even settled down there.

Since I’m from a city in Sumatra called Pekanbaru, it’s very close to the city-state to Singapore as opposed to  the capital city, Jakarta.

Some have become a permanent resident (PR) and enjoyed the benefits living in the country.

What is PR and What are the Benefits?

PR or permanent residence is a status obtained in another country besides your home country where you’re a non-citizen but are allowed to stay in that particular country permanently.

In Singapore, you are eligible to apply for PR if you have worked in the country for at least six months.

There are several benefits that you and your family receive if you’re holding a PR status:

  • Having a PR will grant you the freedom to enter and leave the country without having to apply for a visa.
  • Employment will be easier since you don’t have to re-apply for work permit.
  • You will be able to purchase certain properties in the country and you can apply for loans.
  • Permanent Residents will enjoy priority in school enrollment and lower school fees compared to foreigners.
  • Access public health services with subsidized rates.
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after a length of time living in the country.

According to ICA Singapore. you are eligible to apply for PR if you meet the criteria below:

  • Spouse of Singapore citizens or permanent residents.
  • Holder of Employment Pass or S Pass.
  • Foreign investor in Singapore.
  • Student in Singapore.
  • Aged parent of Singapore citizen.
  • Unmarried child below 21 years old from legal marriage or has been legally adopted.

Let’s get to the main point. How can we apply for a Singapore PR?

There are several processes you will need to go through, and you may wonder or have doubts about your chances, and have many questions about the overall application process.

You may choose to do all the research by yourself however it will be more convenient for you to get help from the experts.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The PR Application Process

In order to increase the chances of your PR approval, you can contact an immigration consultancy firm to assist you and help you go through all the procedures.

Paul Immigrations is one such  trusted consultancy firm based in the country that has experience handling the applications.

Due to their expertise and experience, they are able to maintain a high approval rate.

They offer comprehensive, end-to-end services from the start to  the submission of your application.

Engaging a professional immigration consultant will save you lots of effort and time and is  definitely worth it! You can check their website.

Here are some insights of the procedure conducted by them:

Step 1: Interview via phone call

Once you contact them, a sales representative will conduct a basic interview in order to gather more information about yourself via phone call.

They will check whether you’re eligible to apply for a PR status and gather other information needed for the application.

Next step, they will assess your profile.

Step 2: Face-to-face appointment with client

An in-person appointment will be scheduled during the first interview meeting via phone call.

You will have a face-to-face interview with a sales representative who will  review all your documents and profile.

You will need to bring the physical work pass during the appointment.

Based on your information, the sales representative will advise you how likely you will succeed and explain more what other factors that will affect the PR approval.

Then, you can decide if you want to use their services.

Step 3: The team reviews the documents submitted

The team will inform you clearly the documents to be submitted such as Form 4A, documents required by ICA, and other essential additional documents.

After you complete this step, they will compile the documents and notify you.

Step 4: Complete paperwork by the team

Your PR application form will be completed by the team based on your profile. They will also draft a personalized cover letter for you.

Step 5: Submission for the application

After everything is completed your application will be submitted online.

The timeline from in-person meeting until this final one will take approximately one to two months.

You will need to wait about four to six months until you are informed if your application is approved or rejected.

In the meantime, if you need anything you can contact the team at Paul Immigrations to guide and assist you.

That’s pretty much  it! Hope this article helps and if you need further assistance, you can contact Paul Immigrations directly by visiting their website.

Wish you luck for the application!


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