I don’t usually write a review about a hotel in my blog unless it’s coloring my stay. There’s tripadvisor anyway, or do you think I should open a section for reviewing hotel in my blog?

I accepted the invitation from Grand Zuri BSD Hotel initially because my blogger friends were coming (yes, it’s a reunion) and to be honest I’m escaping from work, haha (don’t follow this).

On top of that, when they told me there would be a breakfasting event with the orphans, that’s what I was looking for.

Mid June to mid July was the fasting month in this year. It’s been a second nature for us to have a breaking of fast event in Indonesia.

Some do it with family, some do it with colleagues, but it is more delighting to do it with orphans. While waiting for breakfasting time, the orphans entertained us with some music performance.

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buka bersama grand zuri

Breakfasting time! Where’s the plate? where’s the spoon? Grand Zuri BSD surprised us with a unique and different style of breakfasting by “Bancakan”, a traditional way of eating together.

Rice, chicken, fish, vegetables, everything were served above banana leaves.

Don’t be surprised, eating with hand is a common practice in Indonesia. It’s more fun though, just make sure you wash them clean.

On the next day we learned how to cook eggs. Looks simple but requires technique. Mr. Chef from Grand Zuri BSD showed us how to cook omelette, sunny side up, and scramble egg.

If you want to make an omelette, first, heat up the frying pan, put in onion, garlic, seasoning, stir everything. When the smell comes up, put the egg.

Reduce the heat, and slowly move the egg to the side, slowly until it half-flipped and meet another half of it.

A good omelette has moist texture on the inner side. Enough for the egg lesson for today, now your task is to find out by yourself how to cook a perfect sunny side up and scramble egg 😉 We also did a small game identifying spices.

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Chef cooked oxtail soup for us

Talking about the hotel, Grand Zuri is a four-star hotel chain spreading around major cities in Indonesia. I stayed for one night in Grand Zuri BSD, a different area on the west of Jakarta.

Mostly guests who book a stay in Grand Zuri BSD came for business purpose. Later on, this new developed area will grow bigger and attracts more travelers.

The hotel consists of 132 rooms from standard to president suite room, complimented with swimming pool, fitness center, and lounge. Convenient location near to entertainment and shopping district.

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That’s it! Thank you very much Grand Zuri BSD, especially to Ms. Dhini, this sweet beautiful lady arranged everything for us.

I had a good time with cool Indonesian bloggers, Kak Cumi, Bolang, Wira, Putri, Meidi, Satya, Katerina, Ochoy, Arie, Dita, Indri. Check out their awesome blog.

I’m also glad to have such opportunity  spend time, breakfasting together with the orphans. I’d like to wish you all who celebrate Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid Mubarak!

Find more information about Grand Zuri BSD in their official website grandzuri.com.


Traveled in 6-7 July 2015