Students Can Also Travel

I heard this phrase a lot from people I met. Employees have money but no time, students have time but no money. Both have same desire, to travel.

But they face some boundaries which most of the problem are either time or money, or both. How to solve it? Being a boss, entrepreneurs maybe?

A boss still have to maintain their business, in fact boss, entrepreneurs or businessmen do not have much time, they are busy.

That’s why, since you’re student and you have much time, why don’t you just go travel. See the world out there, meet new people and learn many things.

No money? Don’t worry there are plenty ways to get money. I started to travel since my college life, I traveled every weekend, and when the semester break had come, I did long trip for months.

How did I get my money? Am I rich? No. In fact, my parents never sent money for me. They only paid for my dormitory. I paid food, transportation, my daily needs by myself. Again, how did I get money for my daily life plus travel?

Look inside you

I believe every single person is unique, everybody has ability and specialty. Dig yourself and find what your hobbies are, what you can do.

Still can’t find what suits you? Ask your friends what kind of person you are. Never underestimate yourself!

Generate money 

Freelance, part time job, there are many things you can do. If you like to talk, be an MC, if you like to design, go for design. Start from your friends in campus.

Many things you can do. Be creative. Selling food, delivery, online shop, travel writer, marketing for your campus, find every single opportunity that you can do.

There’s nothing easy, you have to work hard, but  trust me it’s worthy.

Save your money

After you got your money, don’t spend your money for useless thing. I understand that students tend to be hedonist. Chilling out with friends, go shopping, party.

Get them out from your life! You can still do that, but again you want to travel, or just staying in the same place, doing the same thing.

Learn from the expert

Join forums and communities, read a lot traveler’s blog or journal. Learn how to press budget while traveling.

Plan everything about your destinations, how to get there, make a draft of your itinerary.

Search for promotions

We’re so lucky living in this era where technologies are everywhere and it’s super duperrr cheap. I have no idea how come the price of flights can be so cheap.

Air Asia often gives promotion, even free seats! So does Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways, and many else.

Subscribe the newsletter and hunt for the ticket.

Join competition

There are many competitions with prize of free trip to some destination. All you have to do is looking for the information through google, magazines, etc and follow the competition.

Never think negative like I can’t win the competition. Think positive, I want the prize, I have the chance to travel free.

Determination is the key to success

Don’t abandon your study

Remember, you are still a student. You have responsibility to study and gain mark. Never put aside your study just because you want travel.

I’m very concern to some friends of mine, still not graduate after 5 years studying.

They went hiking, traveling, they didn’t care about their study. Don’t follow that kind of attitude. Follow mine, good marks even I travel a lot 😉

I do really want to encourage you all, start traveling since you’re young. So many things can be learned. Some are not taught in your school.

Travel open my eyes to different side that I never experienced in my life.

The more I travel the more grateful and thankful I am. I could see people who are not as lucky as me, I could see the amazing nature out there.

It has change my life, my soul, everything. Hope it helps =)

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7 responses to “Students Can Also Travel”

  1. Tulus Traveler Avatar
    Tulus Traveler

    nice advices… hahhaa i am a student… but little naughty to escape

    berlari dari strees kuliah :v

  2. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hahaa..wajar mah itu..harus seimbang kuliah sama traveling =))

  3. Indra Setiawan Avatar

    Bahkan perjalann terlamaku dilakukan semasa masih kuliah…punya waktu banyak..:-)

  4. Adam Poskitt Avatar

    Interesting perspective. Everyone wants to travel no and everyone's situation is different. I say travel in you can, but if you want to travel long term, you need to work hard to save money or have a plan to earn money on the road. 🙂

  5. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hi Adam, thanks for the advice. That's right, if you wanna travel long term, earning money during traveling is true. The longest holiday for students is probably only 1-2 months in Indonesia. We travel probably in weekend or long holiday. That's why I didn't put that point, but for sure I'm thinking of going out there for years and earn money on the road =)

  6. Frenky Man Avatar

    Ujung2 nya pokok permasalahan travel itu emang duit dah haha..

    Tapi tetap dah harus "Work Hard, Play Hard" karena hidup cuma sekali 🙂

    OOT ni, bukain pilihan "Name/URL" di kotak komen mu dong, susah ni yg mw komen kalau ga pny akun sama skali haha…


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