Home can be defined as a place where we were born, a place where we grow up, or a place where we live permanently.

A home is not just a house, not just a building. It has more meaning than that.

When you leave your home for a long time, you will miss everything about it, the streets around, the atmosphere, the food, and the people.

It leaves us not only impressions but a memory that always be missed.

By the time, I realized that the longer we live in a place doesn’t guarantee that’s the right home for us.

I had studied and worked in Jakarta for almost four years, but I didn’t get that homey feeling.

I have good friends in Jakarta, but the city itself didn’t suit for me at all.

However, these four cities are the places that I called home.


I was born, raised up and lived in this city. From a bubbly kid to a grown up lady, I spent bigger fraction of my life here. All my family, my parents, and my best friends live in this city.

I’m used to everything in this city that once I left this place I would crave for everything, the food, the places that I used to go, the activities  I used to do, my school, everything!

I’ll always miss my hometown, I’m sure all of you feel the same about your hometown.


Bandung is an option, an ideal place for me once I decide to settle down.

Considered as a big city, 2 hours away from capital city, Jakarta, yet the suburbs stay fresh and natural.

The city is surrounded by hills so the weather is pretty chill.

Moreover, some of my family had lived here like forever.

It’s also two hours away from my university before, so when I had short break, I always came back to Bandung and stayed with my aunties.


This city was full of surprised. I came here alone without any idea what’s going on in this city.

My purpose at that time was to find internship and travel around the region. I didn’t expect too much, turns out I’m in love with this city.

I met some cool friends in this city, I felt I belong here.

Each weekend felt perfect because I could do what I really loved, which was laying down under the sun, next to the seabed, I loved swimming adoring the beautiful corals.

The closest island was just about 15 minutes away, and there are almost 100 pristine islands in total!

My six months stay here was incredibly good.

Kuala Lumpur

I’m not really into big city. It’s busy, crowded, the lifestyle is not something I’m comfortable with. Kuala Lumpur is different anyway.

Maybe because I lived in the vibrant Bukit Bintang area, well, you know I worked in a hostel named Sunshine Bedz in Bukit Bintang.

It’s busy with tourists, not men in suit, and it’s so diverse.

My favorite ritual that I always do whenever I come back to KL is, walking down the street to H&M, put myself among the clothes which I don’t really buy, then heading to Pavillion Mall to a book store named Times, pick any Lonely Planet books, sit and read.

Next, walking through the walkway connecting to KLCC Park, and clinch myself relaxing at the park to see the astounding Petronas Tower.

I did this, literally every time I came back to KL.

So, that’s all, four cities that had left marks in my heart.

The places that I left with unforgettable memories.

The places that I can always come back and feel comfortable.

Now I’m moving to Australia for a year, maybe I’ll add up another home, maybe. What’s a home for you, and where do you find yourself belong?


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