Things About Sydneysiders You Might Not Know

After my six months here in Sydney working and dealing with different types of people, I get to observe how ‘Sydneysiders’ behave, also their habit. Well, probably not for all of them, generally. Here, I found out some interesting things about them.

Yes, they’re speaking English as the first language, Yes, they have their own accent, sounds like a British accent yet far from it. They speak fast and melodious while kindda like dragging the tail of the word.

That’s the best I could do to explain, haha. They have many slangs, and seems like they’re too lazy to fully finish the word. For example, “thank you” becomes “tcha”, short and practical, huh.

I often met customers that say “good” to me. I don’t even ask anything. I said “hello”, and they replied “good”. Or, when I said “thank you”, they replied “you too”

Is that a proper conversation? They’re just too in hurry and think this small chit chat is just like a ritual you have to say when buying something. This habit to say the answer has been programmed in their mind because it’s very common here to hear “how are you?” or “have a nice day”, which somehow funny for me.

Sydneysiders are true coffee drinkers. They love their coffees and very loyal to it. I can see how big the market cause I work in a coffee shop as well. In my area, within radius 200 meters, there are about 7 other coffee shops, how crazy is that!

Coffee shops are literally everywhere. They always have the same coffee, every single day. We have some regular customers that come to our shop everyday for two years and have the same coffee (cappucino, flat white, long black, etc), same size (small, medium, large), and same amount of sugar.

They’re willing to pay $4 for a coffee a day, some grab two coffees a day, which means in a week they have to spend $20, in a month $80, damn!

The good thing about Sydneysiders, they really concern about health, shows in their healthy lifestyle. You’ll find organic food, gluten-free food, and many types of healthier options available.

I’ve seen some office workers using their lunch break to hit the gym or go for a jog. However, one thing that surprises me is, the food they have, depends on the weather at that moment.

When it’s hot, cold food such as sushi and salad are very popular. On the other hand, when it’s raining, they’re lining up for soup. Does it happen in other countries as well?

Last but not least, Sydneysiders are too crazy and loud when it comes to party. Every Friday and Saturday night, the streets will be crowded, with girls on dress and heels, and guys with their cool jeans and shirts.

Bunch of teenagers will walk down the street, talking and shouting loud. It’s so loud, everywhere. People just love to shout, I don’t understand why. It’s not a surprising thing to hear people fight on the street, it happens a lot.

It’s not a new thing to see police patrols on the street. So be careful when hanging out.

Generally they are nice people. They’re willing to talk to me although my status is a casual staff, there’s no gap in terms of what you do and what your job is. What I love from Sydneysiders is, they’re full of expression.

They don’t hide they’re feeling. If they love something, they’ll tell you straight away. If they satisfy with your work or service, they never hesitate to give compliments.

So, any other interesting or funny things about Sydneysiders?

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6 responses to “Things About Sydneysiders You Might Not Know”

  1. Vira Zoelfikar Avatar
    Vira Zoelfikar

    In Indonesia, when it's cold usually bakso or Indomie kuah is the 'it' food. When it's hot out, it's es cendol or es campur. Haha..

  2. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Yea, kind of haha. So it's the same in Indonesia 🙂

  3. Meidiana Kusuma Avatar

    they really concern about their health but when you see someone jog while it's raining, is it good for their health? ahhahahaha

  4. tesyasblog Avatar

    And they really love outdoor activities right? That's why I really enjoyed our family holiday in Sydney:)

  5. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hahhaa. Pushing themselves too hard

  6. Velysia Zhang Avatar sitting at the park, under the sun. I love it as well

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