Corals at Tomia Island Wakatobi

Tomia Island is unbelievable! That’s what I can say. The underwater, oh gosh! I’m speechless right now. A very wise decision spending two days in Tomia Island. Fortunately, the weather was good. We spent our first day doing discovery dive, it was the first time for me. I was so nervous until I need around 10 minutes adapting to the regulator. Some favorite spots for dive in Tomia are Marimabuk, Fan Garden, Roma, Teluk Waiti, Table Coral City, and many more. Mostly the spots are covered by soft corals. Visibility was perfect and again I love when we snorkeled in the wall. I’ll just show you guys the picture.

Corals at Tomia Island Wakatobi

Marimabuk Tomia Island Wakatobi

Marimabuk Tomia Island

Sea Fan at Wakatobi

Sea Fan

Soft Coral at Tomia Wakatobi

Soft corals

Free Diving in Wakatobi

Don’t worry I didn’t touch the corals

We did a visit to a Puncak Kahianga and Benteng Patuha as well. View from Puncak Kahianga is beautiful. Nothing much to see at Benteng Patuha.

Puncak Kahianga Tomia Island

Top view from Puncak Kahianga

Tips in Tomia Island

There are two diving center in Tomia. I contacted Pak Ade (081234767854 / 085341300675) as our coordinator in Tomia. He is a very nice and humble guy. There are some homestays in Tomia cost around Rp 100,000/night. We stayed at Pak Ade’s family homestay for only Rp 75,000. If you are rich enough to afford luxurious diving resort, exactly in Onemobaa Island, try Wakatobi Dive Resort. Discovery dive cost Rp 450,000. If you have license you can dive for only Rp 350,000/dive or ask more information about diving package to Pak Ade. Car for city tour starts from Rp 300,000, motorbike rent is Rp 100,000. We asked Pak Ade’s help to get us cheapest pick up and his neighbor agreed to take us around the city for only Rp 150,000.

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Traveled in 2-9 June 2013  
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