26 days trip (Part 1) : Bromo and Sempu, Exotica Eastern Java

Hello ! Holiday time and it’s time to travel ! My destination was East Java, Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa. But too bad I didn’t have enough time to visit Kenawa, Moyo, and Sumbawa. Saturday, 14 July. First destination, Sempu and Bromo. Bang Kevin and I took a bus from cikarang to blitar, economy ac for 141k. Well, we didnt take bus directly to Malang because it will be more expensive, around 200k. Started at 6 p.m
and arrived in Blitar on Sunday 2 p.m. The funny thing was we were slept over, when we woke up, nobody’s inside the bus. I dont know why the bus officer didnt wake us up. Then we took another economy bus from Blitar to Malang for 12k. I loved the cool weather and fresh air in Malang, It’s very different with cikarang or jakarta. Finally ! Free pollution ! I stayed in Kevin’s grandpa’s home. I was scary because Kevin told me his grandpa’s racist. Then he’s right hahaha…I didnt talk much with his grandpa, but well, thanks alot =)

Monday, 16 July. Off to Gadang station at 11.35 p.m., then took a bus from Gadang-Turen, around 30 mins, and paid for 5k. Waiting for the blue angkot to get to Sendang Biru. We needed to wait till the angkot’s full. We waited for 2 hours, then at 2.11 we went to Sendang Biru. 4 p.m., we arrived. Our plan was directly crossed to Sempu island, and then camped  in the lake. But the officer didnt allow us because it’s too late. They offered guide, but it’s not cheap. 150k if I’m not mistaken. They will ask you. Have you ever gone to the lake before? If you say no, they will ask you to use the guide. So, we camped for a night in Sendang Biru. There were 3 girls who came lately in the night and they camped beside us.

Tuesday, 17 July. We met another group who wanted to cross to sempu island. The price of the boat is 100k, can fit until 10 people. We were not allowed to take boat with them. We couldn’t join another group. =.= but we could join with these 3 girls. Maybe they thought we were in same group. So 100k, divided for 5. Then administration fee 6k per person + 15k per team. We trekked for 2 hours because it’s all muddy ! Last night was rain, so actually it’s only an hour became 2 hours.

Lake Segara Anakan

When the wave hits the reef and becomes a beautiful small waterfall

With my senior, Bang Kevin

Another side, you need to climb the reef and you will see this blue sea with strong wave

We met a tourist and his guide, the guide offered us a ride back to Malang. Of course we’re glad to hear that. But actually the guide was kindda annoying, the tourist didnt like him either. Feel guilty to that netherland tourist, but yahh he’s fine taking us back to malang. Thanks =)

Wednesday 18 July. Preparing for Bromo. Rented a motor 50k per day, rented jacket, for 7500. FYI, there are some rental places for outdoor gear and it’s very cheap. we rented tent 20k per day. Then on Thursday 19 July 00.30, we went to Bromo via Nongkojajar. There were 3 friends of Bang Kevin who guided us there. 4 a.m. we arrived, and need to pay 12k for administration fee. It was cloudy, and rain poured but not big. We waited for the sunrise. But too bad it’s closed by the cloud. Thanks God it’s clear for only few seconds, but the closed again. But i felt really grateful to see the amazing Bromo, Batok, and Semeru.

Then we continued to the Bromo Crater, Lautan Pasir, Savanna, and Bukit Teletabis. It was sooooo beautiful ! I mean it totally looks like a drawing, a real art ! I was soo amazed by it’s beauty.

Only for a few seconds when it’s clear, but then cloudy again. But so amazing !

Thanks Bang Kevin, Igun, Ivan, and Jojo

See??? it’s too beautiful !An art !

The crater

Feels like in a dessert

A group of horsemen offering horse riding to tourist

Bukit teletabis =)

1 p.m. we went back to Malang via Tumpang. Then I went directly to terminal arjosari to go directly to Probolinggo. Thanks Bang Kevin, Igun, Ivan, and Jojo. Thanks for Bang Kevin’s grandpa. In total, I spent 368500 for 6 days, Bromo and Sempu, including the bus ticket from Cikarang to Malang =)

Traveled in 15-19 July 2012


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  1. Bara Anggara Avatar
    Bara Anggara

    old story but gold.. i came to bromo in 2015, but i havent written it yet in my blog… brb nulis tentang bromo di blog 😀

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

    1. Velysia Zhang Avatar

      Hahha ini mah udah lama banget, tapi masih pengen sih ke Bromo lagi. Tulis gih tentang Bromo hehe.

      1. Bara Anggara Avatar
        Bara Anggara

        haha,, akhirnya udh gue tulis tentang bromo, gara2 baca tulisan lo.. bring back all the memories.. *duh masih banyak tulisan lain yg msh di draft euy -____-

        -Traveler Paruh Waktu

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