Date of Birth?
Pekanbaru, 25 January 1992


Start traveling since?
I had my first traveling to Kuala Lumpur in 2009. I was still a “tourist-type” traveler at that time. My real backpacking experience was in December 2010 when I joined my seniors from an adventure community to East Java and Bali. Since then, I had a different sight on how traveling, especially in backpacking was. I loved hiking at that time, most of my destination would be mountain and mountain. I love beach as well, but mountain always comes first. Then in 2012, I had my solo backpacking to Yogyakarta. I tried couchsurfing for the first time, got a host, joined a gathering, and met a traveler named Iping who totally gave me so many tips regarding on how to get cheap flights, etc. So, that’s the beginning of my new chapter of life, which I never thought I would be. Travel is my drug.

What do you love from traveling?
It’s very addictive, you know. Who doesn’t like to travel? Enjoying the nature, seeing beautiful scenery, relaxing on the beach, escape from boring routines, but for me the essence of traveling is more than that. Sometimes, I felt boring looking at the beautiful scenery, taking pictures of landscapes, that’s it. But when it’s combined with experiencing the local culture or learning the history, it will be an unforgettable moment. I love meeting new people. Traveling has also been my guru in life. I learned so many things, how to be thankful and grateful, that’s what I love about it.

Why littlenomadid?
There’s no any particular meaning. I’m a nomad, never stay in one city for a long time. Little, because I’m still a traveler with tiny experience. I decided to use littlenomad but apparently someone had used it before. So I put id as the shorten term of Indonesia.

Your must bring item during traveling?
Hmm…I guess, my ipod. Not talking about passport, of course that’s a must. Ipod is my loyal travel mate, accompany me wherever I go. I won’t feel boring as long I listen to musics. I can kill my time when taking hours even days transportation by listening to music.

What’s your favorite song?
I’m a huge fan of EDM (Elecro Dance Music). I’m actually a party lover. Haha. I love David Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris, W&W, all those amazing DJs. EDM always makes me feel happy and alive.

Your dream destination?
North Pole. I’d love to see aurora in my life!

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