YOU MADE IT TO MY BLOG! Whether it’s a coincidence for you to stumble through my blog or hear me from a mouth to another, I would deeply appreciate my gratitude for spending a bit of your precious time reading through my blog!

Well, it maybe just a personal blog but I hope you can find something interesting (who knows solve your problem) on things that related to travel.

If you land on this page, I assume that you’d like to know a bit about me. Probably not the most interesting person to be checked on, haha.

But, I’m gonna share a few things about me and I’d love to hear from you as well, we might cross path somewhere and possibly become good friends!

Who am I? What’s my background?

I’m just an ordinary person, just like you! I was born in 1992, in a city called Pekanbaru.

Mostly people had no idea where Pekanbaru was, so I’d say that I’m from Sumatera, west part of Indonesia, and yes I’m Indonesian.

I spent my childhood in a very normal way; complained why I should wake up early in the morning, attended school, got scold by mom, played hide and seek with friends, had a crush, too many things happened that I could not flash them all back.

I finished my high school and moved to Jakarta where I studied Business Administration for my bachelor degree, that was in 2010.

I did pretty well in university, tossed my graduation cap in 2014, and had to accept that it’s time to move on to what so called “reality” or “adult life”.

I did have 9 to 5 jobs, I would say I’m most comfortable working in marketing or tourism – related field. But what makes my life a bit unusual is the fact that I travel a lot.

How everything started, the whole traveling and blogging idea.

Back in 2009, I set up an account in blogspot and created a simple blog for myself. I was planning my first vacation – what I mean here, alone, without my family to – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anyway, Kuala Lumpur is not that far from my hometown, plus I had friends studying there so I’d stay with them, I was 17.

Initially this blog served me as a diary since I’m bad at remembering things, not that I’m clumsy but I can easily forget things that happened to me within few days, which I can’t let this to happen.

To be honest I didn’t expect that I’d be this crazy in traveling. I was a freshman in the university.

When a new study year has just begun, there will be an exhibition about student communities, or clubs, something like that. I signed up to a traveling club, which later I realized that it’s more like a hiking club.

My first two hiking experiences were disaster, until the third one when I eventually poisoned by this “hiking fever”.

On 2011, I started another solo backpacking trip to Yogyakarta and since then it never stops.

I got more serious into blogging in 2013 when a friend of mine suggested me that blog should be more informative.

Hence, I tried to explain more about the places that I’ve been to, how to get there, the cost, the tips, rather than just a boring diary format.

I just created another travel blog on 2020 called Nonanomad.com.

It’s basically similar to this blog, the difference is it’s my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia.

It might be a bit embarrassing to say this but I’m really bad in writing Bahasa.

Well, I’m trying to get used to it though. I hope with this new blog I can share my travel stories to my Indonesian fellas.

Climbing Mt. Rinjani

My Goal Exploring West to East of Indonesia

Indonesia is unbelievably huge. This little me had once been dreaming to visit all the islands in Indonesia – before taking it to the next level – which was traveling abroad.

I tried to make short trips during weekend, whether it’s a hiking trip, a snorkeling trip, or a random city tour when I was still a university student.

It was actually a mission impossible to travel all the places in Indonesia, seriously! 17,000 islands! I’m a hundred percent sure that Mr. Marco Polo wouldn’t be able to make it as well.

So, I lowered down my ambition. I’d be satisfied as long as I had visited the major provinces in Indonesia.

It took me three years to accomplish my mission covering the west to the east of Indonesia.

I sailed through the ocean hopping from an island to another, I climbed the top three highest volcanoes in Indonesia, I danced with indigenous people in Borneo, I dived into garden of corals and swam with the shark.

From Sumatera all the way to Papua, I’ve ticked them all!

Into the Nomad Life and What’s After?

I’m not trying to be cool by calling myself a nomad but it’s just what I do –  apparently it happens all this time.

In 2013, I lived in Makassar for almost 6 months, a bit of work in between.

In 2014 I traveled to Vietnam, Philippines, and spent almost 6 months as well in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2015, I got a full time job in Jakarta however it only lasted for 6 months, then I went to Australia for a year, which so far broke the record for being the longest place that I’ve lived in.

Then I traveled for another 6 months, got a job again, unfortunately I quit again, and now, I’m in Bali..

As much as I love to travel, I’m taking it now a bit easy and slow, maybe I’m getting older, haha.

I’ve scratched my bucketlist which is traveling to all South East Asia countries, and after done with Australia and New Zealand, I’m hoping to go further up to South Asia, Middle East, then slowly up to Europe and the States.

No rush though. The problem with me is, I prefer to stay longer and immerse to the culture as well.

That’s why I prefer to do volunteering, couchsurfing, or work for accommodation. So, let’s see what happens next, where fate gonna take me.

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Presenting the temple in Bagan