Snow Mountain or Xueshan is the second highest mountain in Taiwan which is a part of Shei-Pa National Park. It is required to obtain permit in order to be able to do the hike in Taiwan. There are two permits; Park Entry Permit and Mountain Entry Permit.

An official application website is available to apply Park Entry Permit for three most popular national parks: Yushan National Park, Taroko National Park, and Shei-Pa National Park.

To get the Mountain Entry Permit, you can go directly to the police station located in the national park. Here I will elaborate the steps to apply permit for Xueshan, Taiwan, or often called as Snow Mountain.

From my personal experience, applying permit for Xueshan is the least difficult procedure that I went through among all other national parks. Maybe it wasn’t busy at that time.

As long as the beds are available, completed application form, then it will be approved in a short time. Still, it is better to apply a month in advance.

If you think that this whole procedure is complicated, do not worry, I felt the same thing in the beginning. However, it is important to get the permits for safety reason also for the environment itself.

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Step 1: Go to the online application website

Go to Taiwan National Park Official Website at

Step 2: Check the Trails, Campgrounds, and Bed Availibility

Before filling the application form, it is better to check for beds availability in the campground that you wish to stay. For Xueshan, you can check Qika Hut if you wish to stay a night here, or go straight to check the availability for Sanliujiu (369) Hut. Go to Cabin & Campground, select Sanliujiu Hut and press search. It will show you a calendar and the beds availability.

how to apply permit for xueshan

Step 3: Agree to the the regulations

Hit the tab of online application and choose Shei-Pa National Park to apply permit for Xueshan. Read the regulations and once you’re done, tick all the boxes and press I Agree button.

Step 4: Fill up the route plan

  • Name your group: You can use your name for the group
  • Route: If you wish to hike up to the main peak, choose Xue Mountain primary route,  Grade A Xue Mountain Trail (Multiple Days) for the secondary route. Or, if you wish to do one day hike or different routes, you can choose according to your plan
  • Total hiking days: 2
  • Entry date: Pick the date you wish to do the hike, check the closure date to be precise
  • Schedule: Click Trailhead of Xue Mountain – Qika Hut – East Peak of Xue Mountain – Saliujiu Hut and choose end day. This is for day 1. Next, click Main Peak of Xue Mountain – Saliujiu Hut – East Peak of Xue Mountain – Trailhead of Xue Mountain, choose end day. This is for day 2. You can always click Re-Plan to revise your itinerary. This is the most common 2D1N Hiking Xueshan itinerary, it is up to you to create your own.
  • Group size (including leader)
  • Cabin & Campground reservation: Saliujiu Hut

The rest is optional but it is better to fill it up. If you’re hiking in winter time, you will need to upload outfit checklist, also the leader has to submit a Taiwanese snow hiking certificate.

route plan apply permit for xueshan

route plan how to apply permit xueshan

Step 5: Fill up Applicant/Agent Info

Scroll up and click on the tab for applicant/agent info. Tick the box that you have obtained permission to apply on your members’ behalf and fill your details.

how to apply permit for snow mountain taiwan

Step 6: Fill up leader information

If the leader is the same as the applicant before, you can just tick the box and it will automatically filled by previous information.

Step 7: Fill up members information

Gather all the members data and fill it up. Similar with the leader information above, you have to fill the members information including: name, address, cellphone, email, passport no, gender, date of birth, and emergency contact.

Step 8: Fill up emergency coordinator

The emergency coordinator cannot be within the group. In case emergency situation happens, he or she will be responsible to contact authorities if rescue is needed.

Step 9: Submit your application

Enter the verification code and submit your application. You will get a notification in your email that your application has been received followed by your application number.

You can always modify or check your application status by filling your application number and passport number. Once your application has been approved, you will get an email. Congratulations! You have successfully got the park permit.

It means that you get your bed as well in Sanliujiu Hut. It is not that difficult right to apply permit for Xueshan? Print out the permit in two copies, present one at the trailhead and one for yourself.

Do not attempt to hike without permit or you’ll get fined. Keep the trails clean and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xueshan!

how to apply park permit xueshan


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