East Borneo (Part 2): Part of Dayak Culture in Pampang

24 August 2012

I had my plane back to Balikpapan. My plan after this was Bontang. So I took public transportation (angkot) from outside of the airport. I did not remember the exactly angkot and price because it’s been a kong time and I did not write it down haha. As far as I remember, I needed to change angkot twice to the

terminal. Then I got my bus from the terminal to Samarinda. Actually there’s a bus directly to Bontang but it’s executive one and a little but expensive, so I chose bus to Samarinda for only 20k++. It took around 2-3 hours to Samarinda. I was fetched by Rossy, my friend and I stayed in her house for a night. Then her family took me to the bus station, and I had Damri bus to Bontang. I was surprised there is Damri in Borneo, I thought it’s only in Jakarta. Again, my friend Bang Kevin picked me up and I stayed in his house and met his family.
25 August 2012
I went to Beras Basah today. Bang Kevin’s father worked at PT Badak, so we could take the boat facility to cross to Beras Basah. I shopped so many unique cloth in Bontang, special from Borneo.

Beras Basah

PT Badak Oil and Gas

26 August 2012

Time to go back to Balikpapan, but before that, it’s Sunday ! So i wanna go to Pampang, it’s like a cultural village. There will be Dayak culture performances. It’s only held in Sunday. So I took bus from Bontang to Samarinda, and stopped in front of the gate. Then I saw someone with a motorcycle so i asked him to take me to the village. I arrived there around 11 a.m. Too early, from the information I got the performance will start at 1 a.m. but it started at 2 p.m. We must pay 15k to watch the performances. And if you wanted to take photos with the Dayak people, you must pay 25k for the long ears, 3 times take photo. These are some dances they performed Tari Persahabatan, Kancet Kirikmanai, Kancet Pemungtawai, etc. The annoying part was the children. Be careful ! They will ask you for taking their pics and if you take it, you need to pay them. Too bad this place is too commercial and also the kids want money so bad.

kids who asking for pics then asking for money

granny with long ear

souvenirs from dayak

The show finished. I didnt know how to get back to Samarinda. Luckily someone’s offering me to get me to Samarinda, I was suspicious at first. He was asking me, “are you a backpacker? Where are you going after this? You can come with me to Samarinda” Before there was a guy also offering me by car to Samarinda, and he’s with his family so I was not really suspicious, but when i tried to find that guy again I couldnt find him. So, I tried to believe this guy and thanks to him, he brought me to the bus directly. My flight was 8.30 p.m. I took my bus from Samarinda at 5 p.m. Economy bus always take long time. They stopped and waiting for another passengers. 8 p.m. I was still on my way to Balikpapan. I didnt know whether i could catch up my plane or not. Then 8.15 arrived at Balikpapan. I took ojek and asked him to hurry. 8.25 I arrived at the airport, I ran and went to the check in center. Somehow I didnt feel really panic because i knew plane usually delay. Yep I was right, the plane was delayed till 9 p.m. so i could still check in. Thanks God. =) Good bye Jakarta =)

Traveled in 20-26 August 2012


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