Photos of Equatorial Carnaval

Imagine, being one of the most culturally diverse country in the world, it’s almost impossible to see all the tribes in a short time frame during your visit in Indonesia, yet not seeing any of them is utterly a big disappointment. From the famous Balinese Tribe with its mystical Kecak Dance to Sundanese Tribe with its melodic sound of traditional music instrument, having this priceless experience will elevate your stay here in Indonesia.

Here’s the question, is it possible to see more of Indonesian tribes somewhere without wasting too much time and money? Definitely there’s a solution for that, attending a carnival or a festival. There are countless festivals held in Indonesia which attract visitors around the globe.

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One of the interesting carnival is Equatorial Carnaval Indonesia or Karnaval Khatulistiwa (in Bahasa) which just took place in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, August 22nd, 2015. The carnival’s name was derived from the venue itself, Pontianak, a city located almost precisely on the equator. This one day festival was divided into three main activities, land parade, water carnival, and peak performance by famous local musicians.

The heat didn’t stop us from waiting the opening ceremony, started with a dance from local tribe, a short speech from governor, then a marching band. It’s actually my first time watching Indonesian marching band performing live, pretty impressive. Following the marching band, decorated vehicles marched along carrying entertainers dressed in different traditional outfits.  Here are some snaps from the Equatorial Carnaval. Sorry for my not so good pictures from my pocket camera, it doesn’t perform well for portrait photos. I think I need to buy a new one, haha. Enjoy

marching band pontianak equatorial carnaval indonesia
The corps performing marching band

marching band equatorial carnaval indonesia

west kalimantan traditional outfit
West Kalimantan traditional outfit
festival khatulistiwa pontianak
Cyclist dressing in vintage
indonesia equatorial carnaval
Sweet couple in traditional Malay clothes

cultural festival indonesia

equatorial carnaval pontiana

borneo tribe equatorial carnaval
East Kalimantan Tribe, I want that head accessory!
dayak woman equatorial carnaval
Sweet isn’t she?
Papuan Culture Indonesia
My favorite, love their energy playing the music

papuan tribe equatorial carnaval

barongsai pontianak kalimantan
Lion Dance. Chinese are now part of this country as well

barongsai pontianak equatorial carnaval

That’s just a few shots that I managed to take. There are still many different unique tribes such as Bataknese from North Sumatera, Javanese, Balinese, etc.  I had pretty good times chasing back and forth, left to right to get some good shots. See, in a day I could enjoy the diversity of Indonesian tribe. Unfortunately we didn’t able to catch up the water carnival to see decorated boats and cannon shots as part of the agenda.

In my opinion, cultural festivals and carnivals like this are a good magnet for tourists especially photo-hunters. If government can make it become an international-class festivals with convenient facilities and good promotion, for sure it will boost Indonesia’s tourism.

Thank you Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia for inviting us to Equatorial Carnaval Indonesia.


Traveled in 22-24 August 2015

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