Doi Suthep Temple
After I had my journey from Cambodia, I went to Bangkok by bus from Siem Reap. It took around 8-10 hours. I passed Poipet, the border, and had a new experience in the immigration. A Spanish guy whi sat beside me helped me. The immigration is so crowded, full with travelers with big backpacks. What I loved traveling there is you will always find new friends in your journey. I had planned to go directly to Chiang Mai,

northern part of Thailand. As soon as I reached Bangkok, I was trying to find tuk-tuk to get me to the train station. From the information I got, tuk-tuk will cost only about 40 baht, but all of them asked for 100 baht. Here I was, on the train, bringing me to Chiang Mai. The train was quite comfortable, although most people prefer sleeper train. But for me, cheaper is better. I saw this one guy in the train and I encouraged myself to ask him for accompany. He’s from French, yet he didn’t have any plan. After we reached Chiang Mai around 11-12 p.m., we started to get rod daeng, to the town, looking for guesthouse. I got cheap one only 100 baht per night. First experience in a dormitory room. There were 2 Australians and 1 Sweden guy in a same room. I was the only girl. Really new experience for me.

All travelers lining up to get the stamp

Poipet Town
11 Jan 2013
First plan, went to Doi Suthep temple and Hmong Village. I took Rod Daeng from my hostel, near to Chiang Mai University where there are another Rod Daeng heading to Doi Suthep. I met two chinese friends. It cost me 50 Baht. Everyone knows that Thailand is a country with countless temples. Doi Suthep is a name of a mountain, but there’s one temple called Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep up there. A long stairs welcoming the visitors both local and tourists. Some people are praying, some are just looking around. The place is refreshing and cool. Tourists have to pay 40 baht, for locals it’s free. For your information, wear polite clothes. Don’t wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. Beautiful golden temple
Stairs to the temple

I wanted to go upper to Hmong Village. I had to wait for another passengers who wanted to go up too. Then there were 3 Thais who would like to go to Hmong Village. I had to pay 120 return ways. They stopped in Bhubing Palace. The place that I didn’t even plan to go was the most satisfying place. I thought it was just an usual palace. But this palace was soo beautiful. I’ve tried to sneak in as a Thai to get cheaper price. It’s only 20 or 30 Baht I forgot. For non Thai, 50 Baht. But I failed, the guard stopped me and my Thai friends so I had to buy new ticket. I thought I looks like a Thai. The palace is full of flowers!! I love it. There are all pretty. It’s so romantic when the classic music was played. I hoped I went here with my boyfriend, too bad I didn’t have a boyfriend. I enjoyed this palace very much. Bubhing Palace is the royal residence. The royal family will come to this palace in particular season, also to greet state visitors.

Meet two beautiful Thai girls

Beautiful water fountain
Last destination for today, Hmong village. I put high expectation to this village. I was hoping to see Hmong tribe, pure Hmong people. People who do normal activities not only selling souvenirs. They even wore normal clothes, I thought they would wear traditional clothes. I was very disappointed. There’s an opium museum though, and hill tribes museum for those who like history. It looks like a store house rather than museum.

A woman sewing souvenir

rent a traditional Hmong Outfit
Went back to my guesthouse to take a shower and rest for a while. Chiang Mai was soo cold at that time, especially at night. I had dinner with my french guy. A bowl of Kao Soi, Soya bean water, delicious bread with egg, and a sweet, I forgot its name, made by coconut I think, the color is green, Yummy


Kao Soi, curry taste

To be continue….

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