Get Wet in Samalona and Kodingarengkeke

Spermonde, strange, when I heard this word, I kept thinking about Sperm, but I love it! The word I mean. Spermonde is a name of archipelago located in Makassar Strait. I’m not sure why this archipelago is named as Spermonde. My friend said it’s because the archipelago looks like sperm formation. Funny. It consists of
more than 100 islands. Hearing about islands, of course we will think of sun, beach, and yes coral.

Spermonde has so many beautiful spots for both snorkeling and diving. Click this for more info About Spermonde.
After cancelling my island trip for few weeks because of unfriendly weather finally I had my first island trip in Spermonde Archipelago. Some islands are easily accessible through Kayu Bangkoa Peer. Located near Losari Area, beside Pantai Gapura Hotel. The closest island is Lae-Lae, around 10-15 minutes by boat. Lae-Lae is an inhabitant island where most of the population consists of Bugis and Makassar Tribe. The beach is not beautiful. There are huts where you can sit and enjoy wind and view of Makassar. It costs only Rp 15,000 to go to Lae-Lae. I did this trip before, not the same trip with Samalona and Kodingareng Keke.

Beautiful smile. These kids go to the city and cross the sea everyday to get education.
Here is the real trip. Samalona and Kodingareng Keke. There were 10 of us, fit enough in the boat. The price of the boat is Rp 400,000 for whole day trip, or you can bargain for Rp 350,000 for haf day trip. We departed from Kayu Bangkoa peer at 8 a.m. First was Kodingareng Keke Island. Located about 45 minutes from Makassar. I thought Sunday will be crowded, I was completely wrong. No people at all. It was only my group. Our private island! Kodingareng Keke is unpopulated island. There were only cats in this island. I don’t know whether you like this place or not. There is nothing in this small island. Bushes every where, wild, not managed, everything scattered, but I love this place! It’s natural, moreover the water is sparkling, some side has white sandy beach, not forget to mention the awesome corals. It was amazing. We spent almost half day snorkeling in Kodingareng Keke. The visibility at that time was not very good, maybe because it’s raining before. But the corals and the fishes, beautiful. Many variety of corals can be enjoyed, only few meters from the shoreline, all beautiful corals greet you. Some underwater pictures are taken by me, some by Bang Sodikin. The close up part mostly by Bang Sodikin because he can dive deep. I took some from above =))

Samalona is located before Kodingareng Keke. So 30 minutes to Samalona Island from Makassar. I didn’t expect too much on Samalona Island. The blue colors reminded me of Gili Trawangan. For snorkeling, not so good. Problem is there are still many fisherman using bomb and destroyed the corals. There’s beautiful spot around the tower. The visibility wasn’t so good. You can rent snorkeling gear in Samalona Island. For goggles Rp 20,000, life jacket Rp 5,000, Fin Rp 20,000.No more battery on my camera so I couldn’t take any pictures of Samalona.
Thanks fellas !

Coming up next Spermonde trips !

Traveled in 17 March 2013

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