Heli Lounge: A Different Unique Bar Experience

As a vibrant metropolitan city, it’s not a new thing if Kuala Lumpur offers mid to upper class fancy shopping malls and bars. Awarded as 4th shopping destination in the world by CNN Travels in 2012, KL ambitiously improving its tourism through both nature and big city life. Not far from heart of the city which is located in Bukit Bintang, there is one unique bar with 360 degrees view of the city, Heli Lounge.

heli lounge kuala lumpur


Heli Lounge, a helipad transformed to a lounge

On the top of KH Tower, the unused helipad has been transformed to a lounge for chilling. There’s no entrance fee to get up to Heli Lounge, however buying at least one drink (beer, cocktail, juice) for only RM 20 allows you to go up to helipad.
It might seem a little bit messy and not fancy at all, but it’s nice for chilling. Both towers are perfectly seen from Heli Lounge. Best view is around 7-7.30 p.m. during sunset. I was lucky to have amazing sky, especially when the clouds turning red reflecting the light from the sun.
People were sitting and drinking on a simple chair and table, very simple setting. The ambience was nice and it was pretty busy. Definitely have to check Heli Lounge while you’re in Kuala Lumpur. Let the pictures talk.

Update: I came back again on February 2020 and if you wanna go up to the Helipad, you need to pay RM 50 and you can exchange it with certain beers or a glass or wine. 

view from heli lounge kuala lumpur
view of the city
sunset from heli lounge
Lucky me, clear sunset after weeks raining
petronas tower from heli lounge
Nice colour blend of sky and tall bulding
heli lounge
Packed but view was just stunning
cocktail at heli lounge
Accompanied by a glass of strawberry, I dont know what it’s called


amazing sunset



Heli Lounge Kuala Lumpur

Address: KH Tower, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 34th Floor, Bukit Bintang
Nearest monorail station: Raja Chulan
Dress code: Smart Casual, guys no short pants after 8 p.m.
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5 responses to “Heli Lounge: A Different Unique Bar Experience”

  1. Budy Jullianto Avatar

    Nice info Sis, nambah tempat referensi baru kalo ke KL.


  2. Adi Swandono Avatar

    amazing place.. terima kasih untuk cerita dan view nya..

  3. Fahmi Avatar

    Damn, the view is nice 😐 But I skipped this one during my last trip to KL~

  4. Simon Wilkin Avatar
    Simon Wilkin

    Ah I have been twice in 2017 and 2018… there was no entrance fee but now I see its RM50 to enter? but you can get 1 drink? Drinks usually RM20 so effectively its now RM30 entrance fee I guess?

    1. Velysia Zhang Avatar

      RM 50 is the minimum spend for drinks if you wanna visit Heli Lounge.

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