Langzhong Ancient Town

Langzhong Ancient Town in Sichuan, China

Somewhere between Chengdu and Chongqing, the two biggest cities in the Sichuan region, lies a city named Langzhong. Once the capital of the ancient Ba Kingdom, Langzhong still exudes a nostalgic atmosphere from times gone by.

Despite being surrounded by the rapidly growing city, the Langzhong ancient town manages to preserve remnants of its historical past.

Langzhong ancient town in a sight

The thing about China is that there are dozens, or probably hundreds, of ancient towns across the country. However, only four have been crowned with the title of the ‘Four Greatest Ancient Towns in China’, and one of them is Langzhong.

It’s convincing enough to attract people to visit. Luckily, at least for now, not many people know about the existence of Langzhong Ancient Town, especially among foreigners.

Locals swarm here on weekend but weekdays remain peaceful. Although parts of the old town are filled up with souvenir shops, you can just walk randomly for few blocks and you’ll find quiet alleys and corners.

Kids running around, elderly watching people passing by –  these are the normal things you might see here.

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street in langzhong ancient town

Actually, I didn’t really do much here. I was here with three new friends whom I had just met, and we basically just walked around the old town.

I did climb the famous landmark of the old town, Zhongtian, also known as Sipai Tower. This four-storied tower has a wooden structure.

From the top floor, the view of Langzhong Ancient Town, with its unique layout of houses, unfolds before your eyes.

Another sight to see in Langzhong Ancient Town is the City Wall and Zhang Fei Temple. Sometimes, one or two men in warrior costumes pose in front of the gate and offer photo opportunities to tourists.

The river next to the old town is beautiful for strolling around. The square is busy during the weekend, where locals gather to engage in activities such as dancing or playing music.

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city wall at Langzhong old town

old door in langzhong ancient town
zhongtian sipai tower langzhong ancient town

We went to the White Pagoda, which is located outside the old town. The view from the top is beautiful, overlooking the entire city and the Jialing River. There’s also a temple near the pagoda. Walking around the city at night is also interesting.

Again, near the square, you will see some older people dancing. This activity is quite common in China; they call it square dancing.

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Tips to visit Langzhong Ancient Town

  • From Chengdu you can take fast train from the east railway station. Fast train takes 2h30min and cost RMB 95. Slow train departs from the north railway station, 3h20min to Langzhong and cost only RMB 49.50.
  • There are more trains from Chongqing to Langzhong. By fast train is only 2 hours and cost RMB 90. The slower train takes around 4 hours and cost about RMB 40-50.
  • There’s a city bus to take you to the old town from the train station. Taxi won’t cost that much as well since it’s only about 15 minutes away.
  • Some sightseeing spots require entrance fee.
  • It’s better to stay in the old town. You can experience staying in the old house and will be easier for you to walk around. Langzhong Ancient Town Qinyou Inn has a good review. Airbnb has several good options as well.

More pictures

accomodation langzhongOne of a famous accommodation in Langzhong

Langzhong Ancient TownView from Zhongtian Tower

square dance langzhong ancient townLocals performing in the square

Night patrol langzhong ancient town

White Tower Langzhong

tea shop white tower Tea shop in White Tower area

Jialing river langzhongView of Jialing River

view white tower langzhong ancient townView of the whole city from the top of White Tower

And me 🙂

Traveled in 25 – 26 October 2018

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  1. Himala Avatar

    Even from the photos, the town gives a really serene feeling to me. It makes me imagine I could take a break from “city life” and just enjoy being alive, being alone there

    Maybe that’s just the introvert inside me talking… 🙂

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