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Lanjukang Island: A Piece of Unknown Paradise

Lanjukang Island is the farthest island in Makassar Region, located 40 km from Makassar.

The population is only around 50 inhabitants, an ideal place to get away from bustle of the city.

I bet you will say “wow” when you arrived in the island. Blue water, long white sand beach, all this amazing view will blow your mind.

Getting to Lanjukang Island from Makassar

Since there’s no public boat to Lanjukang Island, renting a boat is only the way to go there.

Get the boat from Paotere Harbor or Kayu Bangkoa Peer but it’s suggested to contact the owner first.

Normally the price is around Rp 1,000,000, round trip.

One boat can fit up to 20 persons.

Sometimes the boat owner only agree to take 10 persons maximum.

It takes around three hours from Paotere to Lanjukang Island with good weather condition.

One night camp in the island is an exciting activity to do. No homestay or hostel.

There’s one private resort owned by a family from Makassar, you can sleep on the balcony.

Beware of the strong wind at night so prepare your sleeping bag or jacket.

Bring your hammock and relax under the stars.

Unfortunately, the facilities are still poor, only one public toilet and one well if you want to clean yourself.

Bring your own food, no restaurant, but if you need something, you can try to find what you need in a small local store.

Better prepare everything from Makassar.

Coral reefs around

Huge coral reef can be found on the southwest of the island. Not far from the shore, only 20 meters and you can swim above huge coral reefs dominated with staghorn coral.

Explore and you can find some spots with anemone, blade coral, leather coral, etc.

Fish swims right round, I found some unique fishes when I snorkeled.

The distance between surface and the corals are just about 50 cm-1 meter.

Be careful not to damage the corals with your fin. The area is so huge.

Even if you swim for 200 meters from the shore, it’s still shallow and the corals are still good.

Meet the unique locals

Not many people live in Lanjukang Island but they are special. The locals, literally looks like dwarf because they have short body only around 100 cm with hunchback.

They tend to hide themselves and don’t want to socialize because of their appearance, not all of them.

Some will come closer but they won’t talk unless you open a conversation first.

It was said that the factor of this short and strange appearance is because of inbreeding.

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6 responses to “Lanjukang Island: A Piece of Unknown Paradise”

  1. muhammad akbar Avatar

    nice and still hidden island because not many people know this island.
    i really excited.
    1 million one way or round trip??

  2. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    1 million for round trip =)

  3. alan Avatar

    Amazing Lanjukang!! 🙂

  4. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Yes it is, beautiful and healthy!

  5. Travel Avatar

    Awesome place!


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