Sipiso-Piso Waterfall
Located in Tongging Village, Karo, North Sumatera, Sipiso-Piso waterfall is nominated as the highest waterfall in Indonesia. This 120 meters waterfall is also located at the north side of Lake Toba means it’s possible to see some part of Lake Toba from here. Sipiso-Piso waterfall can be reached from Berastagi by using Angkot KT to Kaban Jahe Station (Rp 2,000) then change to another angkot to Sipiso-piso waterfall. The journey takes approximately one and a half hour. Entrance fee Rp 4,000/person. There are stairs down to the waterfall. Once you’ve reached right under the waterfall, you will feel sharp splash of water. That is why it’s named as Sipiso-piso. “Piso” or “Pisau” means knife. But the beauty of the waterfall is very worthy to visit.

I had a quick stop at Siantar to see Kwan Im Statue which is located in Pane Road before I went to Parapat. I took angkot KT from Berastagi to Kaban Jahe (Sepadan Bus Station). From Kaban Jahe to Siantar by Sepadan Bus cost me Rp 25,000, around 3 and a half hours ride. From Siantar Station, I took angkot to the statue. I thought it would be a beautiful temple with the statue in fact I was wrong. The temple was still under renovation. No other visitors except me. I think this place is still not very popular for tourists. The 22 meters statue looks shining under the sky. 

Lake Toba
The reason I went to Siantar first because I started from Berastagi. More buses goes to Siantar rather than to Parapat. From information that I got, the bus from Berastagi to Parapat only operates at 9 a.m. at the station and it cost Rp 100,000 (not sure about this). I took a bus from the station to Tiga Raja Peer, 2 hours ride and cost me Rp 10,000. If you want more comfortable ride, you can take minivan/taxi along the station and of course, more expensive. Try Paradep or Nice Trans Taxi. I would say that the buses are crazy., not only me saying this but also from review or other sites that I read. There are two main peers in Parapat, Tiga Raja and Ajibata. Ferries from Tiga Raja will take you to Tuk-Tuk and Tomok (Rp 10,000). Last ferry operates at 7 p.m. On the other hand, ferries from Ajibata peer are bigger and cheaper (Rp 6,000) also can load cars and scooters but it only goes to Tomok. I suggest you to stay in Tuk-tuk where many homestays can be chosen.
I stayed at the cheapest homestay that I could find. Liberta Homestay in Sosor Galung. That’s where I stayed. I had the cheapest room Rp 35,000/night for two. The room is big, and I’m sure more people can fit inside the room-shared bathroom. Foods are cheap compare to the other. Problems only mosquito so bring your own mosquito repellent. Room with private bathroom Rp 50,000. Room with private bathroom-hot water Rp 75,000. Very cheap right? Other favorite homestays are Carolina and Romlan. Accommodation in Tuk-Tuk are much cheaper than Parapat.
I rented motorbike for Rp 80,000 (including petrol) and explore the island. First destination was Ambarita. There are two attractions in Ambarita. First is Parubalangan. I had to pay Rp 10,000 for nothing only to see some statue. I’m a bit disappointed to pay that much just to see some ancient statue.

Second is Stone Chair of King Siallagan. Entrance fee is Rp 3,000. Inside, I had a look the traditional Batak House, ancient statue and also king’s grave. The history according to local was when King Siallagan was on the throne, whenever the people do unforgivable mistakes, the guilty one was sentenced to death. Not wasting the death body, the king and the people will eat the death body.

King’s grave
I had visited Pantai Pasir Putih/white sand beach in Samosir and Tele, a tower to see Lake Toba view. It was unsatisfied. I’d rather not to go there because the distance is damn far, nothing to see. Then I had a stop in Tomok to see King Sidabutar’s tomb.

Traveled in 2-4 September 2013

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