Phi Phi Island: Jewel in Andaman Sea

Back then when I was traveling around Cambodia and Thailand, Phuket was my last destination before I ended my journey. I got cheap flights from Bangkok-Phuket which cost me only $9. I didn’t actually create any plans in Phuket. I had a big dilemma at that time, whether I should go to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao or Koh Phi Phi. I searched any information through google. My money almost ran out.

I knew I could go to Koh Samui by public boat, and I had to join a tour in Koh Phi Phi because I was alone. I decided to go to Krabi, heard that Krabi was amazing while thinking where should I go. Krabi town is not exactly as what I thought, far from the beach, and the town is too quite. I checked into Thaksin Hotel, and had my rest after long journey.
Finally I made up my mind. Koh Phi Phi was the winner, I decided to go there considering that Koh Samui is only beach, and beach like that, I could find plenty of beaches in Indonesia, or even better. Koh Phi Phi is different because it has that unique limestone that create amazing views and only Raja Ampat or Palawan can compete this place. Travelers often debate about the “touristy” thingy in Koh Phi Phi. I don’t mind as long as the place satisfy me. I paid 1200 baht for one day trip all in with lunch. In fact, I wasted my money, I could start from Phuket instead Krabi if I decided earlier. Lesson’s learned, plan management is important.
Bamboo Island 

Around 20 minutes from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi here lays a beautiful island called Bamboo Island. The sand is white and soft like flour. Walking around the island was not tiring yet it was fun to see the other side of the island with rocks and sparkling water. Not far from the shore around 50 meters you can find coral garden. I didn’t snorkel in this place so I had no idea how the coral’s condition. Entrance fee to Bamboo Island is 400 baht.
Viking Cave

The name of Viking Cave comes from the ancient painting on the wall resembling Viking Boat. Lots of bird nest inside the cave were collected by brave local workers by climbing the unstable bamboo. Bird nest is consumed, it is healthy that is why the price is high. Visitors are not allowed to get inside.

Phi Phi Ley

I would never regret paying my one day trip to watch this beautiful place. It was just unbelievable. Breathtaking bay in the middle of limestone hills, I felt like transferred into another world. The blue water, oh my god. It was amazing ! The limestone hills were huge, so majestic. I wanted to stay in this place longer, but the boat only passed by for around 10 minutes. It’s worthy.
Maya Bay
Another extraordinary place in Andaman Sea is Maya Bay. Since “The Beach” was filmed, this place is flooded by tourists. It’s so crowded ! The beach was full of white people in bikinis and underwear. I couldn’t disagree that this place is spectacular. Such a beautiful art of limestone hills in a line. If you came by yourself not joining any tour you have to pay 200 baht.
Phi Phi Don

The main and central activity of tourism around Phi Phi Island. Resorts from middle until high class concentrate in Phi Phi Don. Topless tourists get tan on the beach. Souvenirs stalls along the way. We stopped here for lunch. Everything can be found here. Like party? Honeymoon, family trip, all the facilities are here. Arrange your diving trip with some dive master in the island. Phi Phi Islands offer great marine diversity that you can’t miss. If you stay longer, there are several places to visit in Phi Phi Don such as viewpoint where you can see breathtaking view of the island, some beaches such as Yao Beach, Lanti Beach, Ton Sai Bay, etc.
Monkey Beach

I did snorkeling here in Monkey Beach but it’s quite disappointing. Mostly the corals were damaged, nothing to see. Trip’s over, went back to Krabi Town.
Phi-Phi Islands can be reached through Phuket or Krabi. There are daily ferries from Phuket or Krabi (9 a.m. and 14.30 p.m.). Price is around 600 baht can be purchased at the dock. For hostels please check at hostelbookers price starts from $10. You can also take all inclusive package from both Phuket or Krabi.
Boat price from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi
Traveled in 16-19 January 2013

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