Hello, I decided to make a section called Photo Diary. Basically the content is pictures with a little story behind it. It is all about my experience, my thought, and it’s more personal. I’ve been writing articles more about the destination itself, like information about where to go, how to get there, all those stuffs, so when it comes to photo diary, I’m able to share whatever on my mind and how I feel.

It’s not my first time in Siem Reap. I was here back in 2012, admiring the greatest heritage site of Cambodia, Angkor Wat. I had fell in love with this city, leaving me a good memories during my previous trip. I had a short three days break with my boyfriend and I suggested him, let’s go to Siem Reap!

Unlike many other people who started the tour early morning to hunt the breath-taking sunrise view over the temple, we just started to move like around noon, 12 p.m due to a hungover caused by a pizza! The good news is, I could still capture some wonderful pictures. The bad news is, I was roasted under the unbearable ultraviolet from the sun which turned down my mood to do anything.

Beautiful gate it was, that’s what I thought when I saw the Bayon’s Gate. This photo was taken right before we actually cycled to wrong direction and got lost. Sounds like a fun exploration, huh? But it’s not cool at all, cycled more than 10 kms nowhere when your butt was numb. Literally a pain in the ass.

I’m a big fan of sculpture and carving especially related to art and culture. I spotted this on the wall of the ruins at the temple, beautifully executed by the ancestors, wow.

We spared our time watching Apsara Dance in Temple Bar, down the pub street. All we need was buying food and drink, so we had french fries and beers for us. It’s no longer a secret, you can have 50 cents beers on pub street. To be honest, I was mesmerized by the way they danced, soft and unique.

 We ordered a $7 medium-sized chicken and mushroom pizza. The taste could be better if there was no “extra” topping on it. The bitterness of “ganja” and the savory cheese and onion didn’t really match . I wondered how it would react to my body as I never really smoke it, and now I’m eating it! The next day, I felt terribly awful and had a difficult moment just to get off from my bed!

Just a random souvenirs shot from the night market, I found these colorful dolls (they’re cute, right?) with tons of stuffs that could overrun my bag. In fact, I’m not a shopper.


Finally, a selfie of me, now with my face. This is probably one out of dozens photo which is proper enough to be posted on my blog, instagram, facebook (I’m suck at posing). We accidentally found a charming place for our lunch. The restaurant was next to a small pond with Buddha statue in the middle. Turns out the fishes loves the dirt on my skin. I put my feet into the water and they were all tickling my feet. The name of this place is Blossoming Romdoul Lodge, found it on Mr. Google 😉


Traveled in 19-21 September 2015