Plenty guesthouses or hostels near Tanjung Bira Beach but only one that impressed me a lot. Yup, Sunshine Guesthouse, formerly was called Nini’s Guesthouse. Gav and Nini, a happy couple who run this simple and comfortable guesthouse. They were blessed with a very sweet and cheerful daughter named Sunshine. Now, you understand why did they change the name right?

happy family
Sunshine guesthouse is only 5 minutes-walk to the beach. The location is higher that’s why the view is perfect. While other guesthouses will charge you around Rp 150,000, you only have to pay Rp 120,000/night (if you’re alone/single bed) or Rp 125,000/night (for two persons) and it’s included breakfast! Every morning Nini will ask the same questions, toast with omelet or fried egg, tea or coffee. Breakfast with fresh air and fantastic view might lure you to stay longer in this place. Nini and Gav are friendly and very helpful. They will help you if you need information and direction, boat, motorbike, car to pick you back to Makassar, everything. You can learn freedive from Gav! I missed playing around with Sunshine. There are 9 rooms. The room is clean, with a fan, shared bathroom, hot water. I understand why many international tourists stay in this place. Very recommend place to stay. Pick up your phone and book your room! +62821 909 311 75 or email

view of the room, sorry I messed up a little bit 😉

I could stay here whole day. view of the balcony

this is where we had our breakfast

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