If somebody pointed you a question, go budget or go luxury? What would you answer? Some might answer luxury right away without second thought, some might opt for budget. I definitely go with budget, but if I received a good offer to stay in a luxury hotel? Why wouldn’t I?

The fairy lady just showered me with her magic and gave me this sweet opportunity to stay in a very luxurious hotel. Like its name, Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung offered a top-quality service and a joyful experience that pampered me through the whole night.

Once I got into the lobby, a beautiful lady passed me a glass of champagne. Even from the lobby I could see the elegant design, a tall black translucent curtain directly pull my attention with a sexy touch of red chandelier in the middle. Frankly I was seduced by the whole interior, the marble floor, classy carpet, and the ornaments.

The room was spacious, and so the bathroom. Splendid sink in the middle of shower room and bath tub. Would be nice to spend hours only in the bath tub. Everything was completely provided, while normal hotels provide about 5 elements of toiletries kit, Trans Luxury gives more than that, extra body lotion, extra bathing powder, and so on.

There was a black velvet sofa near the window. Facing it was a working desk. The bed was everything for me. Three different size of adorable pillows prettify the bed. The moment when I stretched my body on the bed, that’s the moment when I flew to heaven. I felt my stiff tendon was massaged by the softness of the bed. I love the dense blanket yet very soft and light.



More facilities are provided in this sophisticated, claimed as the first six-star hotel in Indonesia. Clearly you can’t miss dining or chilling at the panoramic 18 restaurant and lounge with a exaggerating view of the city, especially during the night. Check out the pool, the spa, and also if you want shopping, just head to next door, that’s the Trans Mall. Oh, they have the indoor theme park as well.

Staying in Trans Luxury Hotel was a truly incredible experience. Thank you Ministry of Tourism ad Trans Luxury Hotel for the invitation. If you want to know more about the offers in Trans Luxury Hotel,  check more on their website www.thetranshotel.com

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