“Have you heard of Vivid? That’s when the whole Sydney is glowing.”

I love how my colleague described Vivid to me. The images of the whole buildings beaming with colorful light suddenly popped up in my head, it must be really exciting. I’ve long known about Vivid since my fellow blogger friend posted some breathtaking photos of the no-longer white Opera House. I never really see myself walking around world-famous harbor, Circular Quay, watching the most-talked Opera House changing its color. “Well, I cannot miss this show while I’m here in Sydney.” I told myself.

vivid sydney blog opera house

What is Vivid Sydney?

Let’s take a look a bit closer what exactly Vivid is. Vivid Sydney is an annual event that began in 2009 as a smart light festival. It was held within three weeks during winter, in the month of May and June. Featuring many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, Vivid Sydney has successfully transformed the city into a different level, combining art, music, technology, and creativity.

Vivid Sydney offers not just a show, but also the opportunities to interact with modern technology displayed. Moreover, it is conceptualized together with Asia Pacific’s annual celebration of innovation, creativity, and community, where the leaders in this industry gather and deliver ideas. In 2016, Vivid Sydney smashes the record with 2.3 million visitors.

fireworks vivid sydney blog darling harbor
Light and water show Darling Harbor

Alright, it’s time to start my Vivid adventure. I did visit several major and most happening precincts around the city. I was ready and wrapped with my warm clothes. It’s freezing, and I didn’t want to get sick. The temperature during the night could drop below 10 degrees celcius, it was nothing compared to northern hemisphere countries, but still the cold wind struck deep to my bones.

Martin Place

The first precinct just right in the heart of Sydney CBD was Martin Place. It was crowded, for sure, with people wondering how this cool technology could ever exist. If you’re after food, Martin Place is the right place to start your Vivid adventure before moving to other precincts. Food stalls lining up along Martin Place between buildings full of lights, make sure you loaded yourself full before moving to another one.

vivid sydney blog martin place
Car projection Martin Place

The Rocks, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House

It wasn’t really far walking from Martin Place to Circular Quay. The road was closed during Vivid so no private cars allowed. Circular Quay has the most Vivid attractions, it’s the highlight precinct in Vivid Sydney. More than 60 light art installations entertaining the visitors. I came here to hunt photos of Sydney Opera House for three times, and I could barely move on weekend because it’s too packed. Still it’s a good experience to watch Sydney Opera House changing every few seconds. From abstract images to cartoons, from red, blue, to rainbow, it never failed to impress kids to grown ups.


vivid circular quay
View from Circular Quay
vivid sydney
It tells stories
sydney vivid opera house
The magnificent Sydney Opera House

The Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanical Garden might not have projected buildings around, instead, it has projected trees. The illuminating trees were just as spectacular, even more artistic. Celebrating it’s 200th birthday, the trees and bushes shone beautifully, like it’s a different world apart. One of the incredible innovation is the Cathedral of Light, a 60m long and 8m high arched tunnel with glittering LED tiny flowers, again transferred you to a wonderland.

cathedral of light vivid sydney blog
Cathedral of Light

Darling Harbor

To be honest, Darling Harbor is not my kind of place to hang out, however this precinct threw the most fantastic show during Vivid. The Laser Dragon Water Theater Show merged the 25m high moving fountain, lasers, music, flames, and fireworks, left the viewers stunned and speechless. For me this is the best part of Vivid Sydney.

Want to know more about Vivid Sydney? Check their official page here.

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