Pantai Nirwana Bau Bau

Visiting Bau Bau: Gate to Wakatobi Islands

Bau Bau, the entrance city before I headed to my main destination, Wakatobi. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, exactly in Buton Island, one of the busiest port in Southeast Sulawesi. A short visit to Bau Bau, only a day while waiting for our next boat to Wakatobi. The city offers natures and historical sites.

Nirwana Beach is the most popular beach in Bau-Bau. There are good facilities such as shop, souvenir stall, and huts standing on the beach. Sparkling blue water as far as we see, coconut trees on the shore. No wonder it’s the most popular beach in Bau-bau.

Here are some of the attractions or things to do in Bau Bau, Indonesia:

1. Lakasa Cave, Bau Bau

Thrilling experience when we got into this cave. Actually there’s a guide who take visitor inside this cave but when we came, nobody’s there so we went inside by our own.

With the light from our cellphone, we went inside carefully. We fell into silence when we saw such a tremendous beautiful view of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave.

It was still a natural cave, at first I thought there’s small man-made path inside the cave. I was wrong. Watch your steps because it’s sometimes steep and slippery.

We rely on lamps and cables which were not turned on at that time (I wonder if it’s still working) as our guidance to the end of the cave. There is a small spring on the edge of the cave with stunning crystal rocks. It took around 45 minutes to explore the cave, around 120 meters inside. Again, this cave is really amazing!

Lakasa Cave Bau Bau
Lakasa Cave
Lakasa Cave
Crystal inside the Lakasa cave

2. Benteng Keraton Buton

One of the historical site in Bau Bau is Benteng Keraton Buton. It was built around 16th century by Buton Sultanate. The fortress was made by pile of stones and it was strong enough to defend the kingdom. Benteng Keraton Buton is the largest fortress in the world with area around 23,375 hectares. Some canons can be found around the fortress.

Benteng Keraton Buton Bau Bau

3. Agung Wolio Mosque

Still inside fortress area there is a mosque named Agung Wolio Mosque with high pole called Kasulaana Tombi which means flagpole. The height is 21 meters, made from teak with diamters around 25 cm-70 cm. There are some objects such as anchor, board with the kings’ name, and other historical information.

Benteng Keraton Buton
Kasulaana Tombi

Our Journey to Bau Bau

Short story on our journey to Wakatobi starting from Makassar by Pelni boat to Bau Bau. It is the cheapest way from Makassar or else you can take plane to Bau-Bau/Kendari to get to Wakatobi.

It was my first time traveling by pelni. 14 hours, quite long, but don’t worry. Inside this huge ship game consoles and theaters are provided. The funny thing is the theater plays adult movies (uncensored) which is a little bit strange for us, Indonesian. Haha.

We arrived at Murhum Port, the biggest port in Southeast Sulawesi where all boats, all sailing activities are here. It was late, around 2 a.m. People in Bau-Bau are very nice.

They offered us to sleep in the boat, called their friends to take us around Bau-Bau. We did our one day tour around Bau-Bau by renting “angkot” (public transportation) with the help of boat crew.

I suggest you to blend with locals because they’re very nice. To explore the city you can use ojek (motorbikes with the driver) price around Rp 60,000 to the places I mentioned.

I rented angkot with the driver it cost me Rp 180,000 We were three at that time so more people will be cheaper. We  also went to Tirta Rimba Waterfall, too bad no water flowing at that time not sure if it’s because of dry season. Our driver told me the water stops flowing because the mining activity.

The port is close to Kamali Beach, locals favorite beach. Many cheap hostels along the way so if you need a stay for a night, try to walk around there.

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