Thailand is a country with the biggest Buddhist population on earth. There are estimated around 40,000 temples in Thailand. No wonder, whether you walk in a big city or even in the suburb area, you will see temple and another temple just within one or two blocks away. Thai temples, or what they call as wats are typically comprising a multi-building complex with enticing architecture.

One of the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok is Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of Reclining Buddha. It is a major tourist attraction, located close to other main attractions such as Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha and City Pillar Shrine. This temple is very special because it is listed as the highest grade of the first class Royal temples and also home to more than 1,000 Buddha images.

The temple complex is divided into several sites such as the sacred main hall for rituals, an area with a group of stupas or chedis, and the most intriguing site is the chapel of reclining Buddha. A reclining Buddha statue represents the historical Buddha during his last illness and about to enter Nirvana. The size of this golden statue is 15 meters high and 46 meters long.  There are also 108 bronze bowls along the corridor where visitors can drop coins into the bowls and pray for good fortune.

Outside of the main building, there are 71 small chedis which contain ashes of the royal family. Each chedis has a beautiful artistic motif on it. The surrounding is green and lush with small gardens and the ponds make it more comfortable.

Phra Chedi Rai

Wat Pho is opened daily from 8 a.m.-6.30 p.m. with a break from noon-1 p.m. Entrance fee is 100 baht. Getting here is easy, it is about 10 minutes walk from Khaosan Road. The closest pier is Tha Thien. As it is a temple, please wear polite clothes.


Traveled in 14-18 October 2015

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